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Crushing FEAR By Taking Action


Welcome back to The Mindset Chick Podcast. I am so happy to have you here. So what have your thoughts been about J-F-D-I? I just love saying that, J-F-D-I, just freaking do it, right? Sometimes we need that, just to say, Okay, what am I really afraid of? We have that fear that warns as, Hey, you may not want to continue walking on the edge of that cliff because you could fall off... Okay, that's a healthy fear, it keeps us safe. But then there's that fear that says, If you were to do this, if you were to really put yourself out there, what would people think... What would people say? What if they laugh at you? And that kind of fear is a false sense of security because it's trying to keep us safe, loved and protected, so that we don't look like a fool or have a perceived fail.But you know what? If I have this dream, if I have this desire, and I believe that it was put on my heart for a reason, and I'm going to go for it.

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• What if people make fun of me? What if people judge me? What if they don't talk to me anymore? To say, what if I do this and I inspire people to go after their dreams? What if I say what's on my heart and I actually share something that somebody else needs to hear, that helps wake them up and go for their dreams too? I feel like sometimes so many people are just stuck and so worried about what other people think, that they miss out on so many beautiful things. (3:12)

• A little over four years ago, I said yes to a business opportunity that absolutely changed my life. In the beginning, I was very, very nervous about what this would look like and how I would do this business, but something in my heart told me to go for it. So, one day I decided to go on a walk. I started crying and I said, God, what am I doing? Should I be doing this? Can you please give me some direction? I don't know how to do this. I feel like I'm going to fail. I feel like people are going to laugh at me. I feel like people aren't going to take me seriously. I feel like I might lose friends. And I remember this divine download as clear as day, just hit me like a ton of bricks. And it said, Kristi Dear, Mindset Coach Kristi, are you listening? Mindset Success Coach, the one who talks to people about mindset and their stories? Kristi, if you continue to tell yourself that story, that's exactly what's going to happen, your words will create your reality. (7:34)

• I started coming up the plan and I said, You know what? I have to start writing down my goals, I have to start reading them aloud, I have to start visualizing them, I have to start telling myself something different, I've gotta create my vision board with where I want to be in this business. I've got to write myself a check for the amount of money that I would love to manifest, I gotta do my money mindset, all the other stuff that I talk about in my magnetized 5 months course. I'm going to start doing this, and I've got to just step into this new story. And I love, love, love, love, love to say this, God doesn't play favorites, so if you see somebody with the success you desire to get excited, get really excited, because I believe that's just God's way of showing you what's possible, putting that person in front of you. (9:34)

• And I think one of the biggest blessings ever was being able to retire my husband from corporate America. Him not having to take the long commutes and doing all the travel and missing out on the time with me, not being able to take the vacations that we wanted to take, because not having the time off of work. It gave us so much freedom, so much more choice freedom. I'm still able to do my coaching and be in this business and connect with more people that I've ever thought possible in form, just amazing friendships from around the world, have amazing support and mentors and guidance. And it's just been absolutely incredible. Incredible. And I think about that time, what if I would have stayed stuck in fear? What if I would have listened to, what if they make fun of me, what if they laugh at me? What if I would have stayed in that? (11:03)

• I'm just going to believe that everything is working out for me, everything is working out for me all the time. And when you go into that energy, it's so much better. I mean, you don't feel like you're living by what other people think of you. Gosh, it's so freeing, it's so freeing. And you might just be surprised at how many people will support you and have your back and be really excited that you took action and stood up for yourself and went for it, because that's encouraging, that's inspiring. Because how many times have you watched somebody on stage or watched a movie or heard somebody's talk who was successful, who said, You know, this is where I was, but I overcame this, this and this, to get to where I am. (14:07)


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