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Use this step by step  guided visualization to support you to see yourself as one with your goals. Feel into achieving that goal & step into that version of you NOW! 







Use this step by step guided visualization to clear away any doubt, fear, or worry so you can become a vibrational match to your goals NOW! 





Want to learn the simple yet Powerful & Effective Money Mindset techniques that will allow you to Manifest More Money FAST?  Then this course is for you 

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Manifest your RICH life Now became 
Amazon's #1 New Release & a Best seller in multiple category's 


Are you tired of feeling stuck? Are you ready to up-level your life so that you can manifest your biggest dreams and desires? If so, this book will teach you a powerful, step-by-step manifesting formula that will allow you to attract all of the abundance, prosperity, and riches that The Universe has for you NOW!

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Are you ready to manifest your RICH and abundant life?

In just 30 days, turn your dreams into a reality with this powerful, yet simple journal. Beautifully designed with daily, immersive quotes, this book will help shift your mindset and truly curate the life you have always wanted. Whatever you want to bring to reality, it can be made possible with Kristi Dear's Manifestation Formula.

Read Kristi Dear's new book, Manifest Your Rich Life Now, to receive the full benefits of her masterful manifestation techniques!



"I decided to leap into Kristi Dear's Manifest Money Fast!

Y'all this is powerful stuff and right now Waves of Abundance is coming my way.

I am utilizing the tools she has given and I am working on my manifest mindset daily.


I began doing the rituals, like being thankful for the dime I found on the street or celebrating small wins.


But there are BIG things happening.

Last Month I received 5K of bad equity taken off and walked away with a Brand New car.

I found some undeposited checks. Then good news from some other source.

But Today was super powerful... happy tears are flowing down my face. I wrote this in my morning ritual today.

For those who don't know we had a flood in our house, like a crazy bad flood. We had to move out for 60 days We have had a lot of our own money going into our home repairs. We are Blessed with our insurance but definitely some extra funds we didn't expect to spend.

This afternoon Unexpectedly I received a 5K check to help us with the house. My heart dropped and tears ran down my face in gratitude.


I am thankful for this help, I grateful for the timing and I am welcoming all the abundance!"

- Lauren Forster Alsatian

"Kristi, I have listened to all of your podcasts. MANY episodes multiple times… Then I watched your video and did the mindset steps. An hour later my husband told me that the money we invested in bitcoin like a year ago, was up by $750!!!!


Thank you so much FOR EVERYTHING. I Adore you."

- Shannon MaryLea


"I just had to share!!  I have been listening to your podcasts, really working on my mindset, revisited your Manifest Money Fast course and doing daily affirmations since this summer but fell off for awhile.  Well, this month I kicked it back up and started doing the mindset steps in the program again, &  this is what I had to share!!


I completed a BLOCK today in my biz which means I enrolled several new customers and biz partners to my team!!!  Now I’m on my way to a second one  by the end of the month !!!!!!!!!"

- Amy Reeves

So I have been doing the Magic 5 Morning Mindset but decided to step it up and invest in Kristi's 2 guided Visualizations, Raise your Vibration & Goal Accelerator and WOW!!  


Literally the next day I had someone reach out and join my team as a biz partner!!! It was so unexpected and such a blessing.


This stuff really works!!! I'm going to be doing it everyday

- Lina Zanzonico


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