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Lean in closer, I know what you’re feeling.


Building your business was not meant to feel this way, you say to yourself way too often.

Where is the fun and flow and financial freedom?

How many times do you have to try to reinvent the wheel?


You sign up for the courses, go to the networking events, read the books, book a few clients but you STILL feel held back, watching others around you earning and growing.


Sound familiar even though it’s hard to admit?

Facing all of this sometimes seems equally as scary as staying stuck, right?

Each time you try to change or uncover what’s bothering you, it feels just too big and you just don’t see an action plan

It’s just so frustrating!

That rabbit hole of money blocks, stuck-ness, fear of change as well as just not knowing what to do all flood your mind and make your entrepreneurship ride feel less than the dream you had thought it would be.

You dream BIG

You KNOW you have what it takes to serve and impact in a larger way all while earning real juicy paychecks- and there is nothing to feel ashamed about for wanting that!

Here's the truth girlfriend!

You have the right to feel joy in each day.

You deserve to create a life and business you love without a constant push or hustle.

You have the possibility in you that you see in others and their success stories!

How do I know that?

I was YOU.

I was that biz owner, surrounded by a mindset that just attracted more things I didn’t want and the more I pushed, I ended up in the same place inching slowly towards what I wanted.

I have been there, stuck and stagnate, operating out of fear, and money blocks, and once I released those blocks my biz soared!

I learned that it is much more than willpower that creates change. 

It’s not about the next course or new marketing plan-


It’s learning the right tools & strategies to actually SHIFT your way of thinking, clear what is blocking you, and creating new behaviors, to create a new perspective in your businesses and abilities.

Hi, I am Kristi Dear, Mindset Manifesting Coach, and I know the key to your success as well as what’s missing from where you are now.

It’s who you BELIEVE yourself to be, and it’s what you BELIEVE you can achieve that will make the difference.

This work is not for you if:

  • You do not want to change or even believe it’s possible.

  • Victim mode is so comfortable you aren’t ready to do the work.

  • You have decided there is no other way.

  • You aren’t willing to do the mindset work 

  • You’re afraid of success

How and by When will you choose to THINK Success?

What if you could be the rockstar entrepreneur you crave to be?

Now THAT sounds worth showing for!

This work IS for you if you are ready to:

  • Get clear on your goals and desires, become laser focused and on task, blow past old goals, and bridge the gap between where you are now and your most successful self

  • Remove limiting beliefs around self worth and the ability to make money, speak with more clarity and confidence, build relationships, and attract more clients 

  • Uncover what’s keeping you stuck and stagnate, so you can create a solid roadmap to move forward in your business and overcome procrastination

  • Remove the fear of failure as a business owner and begin getting known as an expert, creating community, and being visible in your industry


If you are NOT getting the results that you want, then there is a missing link to your Manifesting formula!

What you will receive from me:

  • A coach who truly cares about you, your business and your future, who will help you get clear on your goals


  • My full commitment to your growth utilizing my blend of Certification in Master Life Coaching, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Advanced Hypnotist, Certified Law of Attraction Wealth Coach, Personal Trainer and of course, my own personal journey.


  • A Success plan that will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be


  • Accountability, motivation, and inspiring support

What you will walk away with:

  • Success mindset so you can channel your inner confidence, gain more energy, & mental clarity

  • Big paydays and full roster of clients you dream of

  • FREE yourself from self-doubt, fear, worry, stress, and self sabotaging patterns that are keeping you stuck and not earning

  • Self empowerment that comes from believing in yourself

Showing up is the first step.

I know you may be fearful of change, or nervous about stepping into the bigger you in your business, but you are still here reading this and allowing yourself to become open enough to try.

You don’t have to know the how.

You just have to WANT to change and the rest will come from our work together.

Deep 1:1 work is where the magic lies 

Each one of my clients have started from square one, have made the decision to take back their control, to become empowered, and NOW they are living their best life yet!

Whatever you think about, speak about, focus on will come true

Don’t waste anymore time focusing on what you don’t want

You’re a beautiful spiritual being who can create wonderful miraculous transformations.

There is enough abundance in the world for all of us!

It’s time to create yours.

Ways to work with Me:

Manifest NOW! 


Mindset Tuneup – 90 min Intensive coaching session


In this power deep dive VIP intensive session,  we dig in to see where you are stuck in your life or biz, where you want to be  and uncover the patterns and beliefs that are holding you back from your dream biz and life.

I will teach you how to start Manifesting what you desire Now! 

Join my Team!

Would you like to create another income stream working from anywhere?


If so, then join me and the thousands of others on my team who are doing that right now. 

I am looking for people to join who are   Ambitious, like to have fun,  help a lot of people, while building a lucrative income stream working from anywhere.


After you join the team you and I will get on a 1:1 success launch call to map out your step by step plan to Manifest the biz of your dreams 

What I love about this biz, is you have the choice on whether you want to Manifest part time income or full time income all by helping others to feel more confident in their own skin and create a freedom based biz too! There is no monthly quota to meet or heafty overhead.  I can show you how to grow your biz with wifi & a phone 


You will also be able to join our Team Excellence FB group where you will receive weekly training, support, and inspiration that you can apply to your life/biz 

Learn more HERE 

Wealth & Abundant Mindset Mastery Coaching Program 


This 1:1 11 session program is for the real go getters, the ones who stand apart and who are ready to own their greatness.  The ones who are wanting to tap into their highest potential and Manifest an abundant, joyful, fun life & profitable freedom based business!



*Remove limiting beliefs around self worth and the ability to make money, speak with more clarity and confidence, build relationships, and attract more customers, biz partners, clients & cash. Uncover what is stopping you from achieving success and keeping you stuck and stagnate, create a solid road map to move forward in your biz



*Define your goals

*Get clear on what you would like to Manifest 



*Put your vision into action

*Get clear on your future biz/life plans so you can reach your goals faster than ever! 

*Feel confident  sharing your worth, so you can make more money and increase sales

*Dive deep into my 5 Step Manifesting Formula that will change your life and biz forever 


  • Unlimited email support because so much of the magic happens between our calls and I want you to feel fully supported to dig deep and create massive transformation

Apply for a Discovery Call

to see what program is right for you!

Want to find out which program is right for you?

Apply for a
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