In just ten months, everything in my life changed. 

And I want you to have the same opportunity I did. 

An opportunity to create Freedom.

Freedom of time.     Freedom of choice.

Your Journey starts Now!

"You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight."

Jim Rohn

"I was a single mom who worked a extra full time job as a radio host for two local shows, a morning host and mid day show, along with being very dedicated to philanthropy in our community. I didn’t have any extra time and also had uncontrollable curly hair that only intensified with my move to Texas. For all of my events, I’d have to go to my stylist for a Brazilian blowout or style and I often poked fun at how bad my hair was. That’s when someone said to me, “I have something for that”, a sample was sent to me and I will try anything that claims to help my frizzy hair, I was sold after the first wash and style! My hair had never felt so good and the oil was a game changer. I made my first order, and had so many people asking about my hair, I thought, the next time I order, I’ll just sign up to be a market partner, that way I can get my daughter on it, save money, and maybe make money on the side. I had no idea the growth it would bring my hair and financial freedom! Not to ad the sisterhood of encouragement, everyone rooting for one another. It’s not always that way in the show biz world I live in. The company aligned with the way I live my life, from naturally based to giving back! I knew from the first week, it was going to be more than “maybe a side income”. Now, not even a year later, I’ve been able to leave my morning spot, a spot we spend chasing all of our career because it’s where the money is in Radio, to have freedom from my alarm clock and a better quality of life, to do two mid day shows now. I didn’t have extra time or money before monat, but I have created it because of monat! My daughters hair wouldn’t grow and was fried and ruined, it has grown more in the past 6 months on monat than it had in almost 3 years! My hair only gets better and better and I now have a love for my natural curls, everyday, from home, that I have never had before!"

-- Erin Wilde

I'm building a team of people who are Ambitious, like to have fun,  help a lot of people, while building a lucrative income stream

working from anywhere.

"Saying yes to Monat and going all in has been the best decision. I’ve grown personally and as a business professional. A few years ago I sold my financial firm because I wanted more than financial freedom. I wanted time freedom and location independence as well. Monat allows me to have all 3 freedoms. I’ve met some of the most amazing people during my Monat journey and the company is run extremely well. While the money, Caddy and free vacations are nice, it’s the moments I get to spend with my son and hubby that show the true value of partnering with Monat." -- Margie Shard

"It seems a bit silly to say that shampoo changed my life, but that is exactly what happened. I was asked to try Monat 3 times before I said yes. Like everyone else I was skeptical to what it said it was going to do. I’m a hairstylist of 13 years and honestly didn’t believe it was going to work. But after 1 month using it my bald spot in my bangs started to grow back. I couldn’t believe it! Monat came into my life at a time when I desperately needed a second stream of income, a community, and something that was focusing on myself. Not only has my hair improved dramatically for the better but so has my finances." —- Jennie Nicewarmer

Why become a biz partner with me?

Glad you asked!


What if you could have the  freedom to create a life that lets you become who you want to become and experience what you want to experience.

Go on vacations that don’t strip your sanity because you’re worried about budgets.


Spend precious moments being present with the kids because you’re not overworked and underpaid for a job you hate.


No more shackles to a desk or a job that makes you flinch every time you walk in the door.


No more waking up in the middle of the night, wishing you had a choice. Wishing things were better. Wishing you had an opportunity for change. Now you do.


This is your time and this is your chance to make a choice, make a change in the road you are on.

I know, because I did it.


Hi I’m Kristi Dear, wife, entrepreneur and mom to three beautiful kids ages 20, 18, & 13.

For a while I was struggling.

I was struggling to have the income, the biz, and the choice freedom that I longed for.

We couldn’t go on many family vacations because of money.  I had to say NO to the extras for my kids, I had to settle for just getting by a lot of the time, and I and I didn’t like the way that felt.

I lived in worry & fear mode about how we would pay off our debt, pay for the extras in life if there was ever an emergency, or even how we could build  a savings account.


But since saying YES to an amazing opportunity and beginning my journey October 26, 2016 all of that has changed.


Within the first 5 months of  joining this biz, I earned my paid for Cadillac Escalade, I reached the TOP of the company in only 10 months, & created a multi 6 figure biz within my first year, and became a 7 figure earner after my second year in business.  I was able to pay off all of our credit card debt,   take my family on wonderful vacations without going into debt, and we recently just built our dream home with a pool. 


I am currently the  #20 Top income earner in the company, #19 in the company to join the Million Dollar Club,  and I have received awards for Top Group Volume & Top in promoting, helping my team earn their promotions.


I am now a happier, more focused, more calm, mom, wife,  and entrepreneur. Plus, my hair is looking better than ever! 


I have created friendships from around the world, and have grown an organization of 83k + and counting customers and biz partners from all over the U.S. Canada, the U.K. Poland, & Ireland.


Myself and several people who decided to partner with me in this biz  have earned all expense paid for trips to luxurious places such as the Bahamas, Grand Caymans, Bermuda, Las Vegas, Cancun, and more.


I have been able to travel to places that I only once  dreamed of, such as  Alaska, Florida, California, & Nebraska, to meet with my team and strategize our biz together. 


My team and I have mastermind sessions together, team blitz events together, we travel together, have GNO (AKA Girls Night Out) together, we have fun together and hold the space for each other to DREAM BIG together.


What you receive when partnering with me:

* A Coach/ Mentor who will support you to create your freedom based biz and lifestyle 


*Success Blueprint for BIG paydays 

*Unlimited Coaching/Training calls 

*Social Media training that will teach you the same key steps that allowed me to build a

multi 6 figure then  7 figure networking marketing biz 


* Step by Step systems & strategies to map out how you can create $1k-$2 just in bonuses in your business quickly 


*Guest Expert live trainings from 6 & 7 figure income earners

* A Supportive FB community filled with like minded people from around the world 


*Opportunities to join us for GNO’s, team retreats, team masterminds, and much more


My deepest and sincerest wish for you is that you get to experience true Freedom like what I have created for me, my family and the amazing people on my team.

Give your FREEDOM the chance it needs to grow into every area of your life.

I love to partner with   individuals who are ready to change their lives. Who are ambitious, enjoy having fun, desire to help a lot of people while creating a very lucrative income stream working from anywhere.


Individuals who are ready to live life on their terms and to their fullest potential, mentally, emotionally, & physically. 


If this sounds like you, I would like to invite you to

CLICK HERE and  discover if creating your own biz & partnering with me  is a right fit for you.

"Today I woke up to an amazing blessing! I know my Nico guides me always! He makes sure I know this daily!


I just never saw this one coming! In hopes to get my sassy happy curls back, I had no idea my nutrition school bestie would share her secret with me! That triggered events like my curls are happy and sassy again! 


I work with my best friends everyday supporting one another! We are serving and sharing and giving people the tools to get their sexy back! and that I would receive nurturing and be surrounded by AMAZING sisters that hold me up and hold space for me to come out and shine my light brighter and to help me heal my heart 


The JOY in my heart the tears in my eyes are PURE love and appreciation! The icing on the cake! I left corporate America last July because I truly could not stay, not another day after what I have experienced in this lifetime, as a mother you are always prepared to go back first!


I know my Nico knew My soul could not bare to stay another day in that energy space, nor could I go back I feel… ever…


I changed forever May 3, 2015, and I could no longer fit in that corporate space, my souls purpose forever changed, my mission here in the physical changed, A hidden part of me came out of the Spirtual closet and I can never go back in.


Some people can thrive in that space and that’s AWESOME for them For me though I knew it was no longer my option or my choice. My son gave me the strength to leave, (Along with my CHL’s love and support ) My son gave me the strength to do the inner work to heal so I may serve and help others along my path.


  In January I can’t lie, I got a little nervous, will I have to go back to that space? I took a deep surrendering breath and I trusted and had faith Nico would always guide me on my path.


Little did I know in search of my sassy curly healthier hair back, I would be guided to the blessing that this morning replaced my 9-5 corporate salary, I have no words… I woke up and I just cried tears of appreciation.


 Thank you my Nico in life and in SPIRIT you have ALWAYS had Mommy’s back! YOU are my person, You have loved me unconditionally ALWAYS and now forever and I THANK you endlessly!


To my little firecracker Sweet Shayna, Mommy is going to show you how to be a GIRL BOSS every step of the way! As wonderful as it is to have a man love and support you, YOU RUN the WORLD, You can have and do and BE Anything YOU CHOOSE And to the amazing special beautiful bestie Sisters, Auntie, Mother, Daughter, Oil Sister in my life who said YES to this amazing so far 16 month journey! That continues to explode with abundance and opportunity, we have built a remarkable team, I’m SO excited to see what our futures hold! I’m so excited to bring on new team members ready for abundance in their life! I’m So excited to serve and help change lives WOW just WOW 


Have you ever been given a gift and just wanted to share it with everyone?

A gift you know that can change peoples lives because it has changed yours? A gift that continues to keep giving?

This is how I feel about this incredible opportunity magical journey aka I named The gift "

--Jennifer Curry Prasad Holistic Health Coach & Wellness and Beauty Influencer


"I told a girl on my team that one of my “WHY’s” were that I wanted to retire my “doctor” husband. I didn’t realize at the time, she thought I was crazy for saying that. You see, my husband Craig, and I are both Chiropractic Physicians. We own our own chiropractic practice, and we have for over 10 years.


Although I love nothing more than being a Chiropractor, I wanted to be able to stay home for my kids once they started elementary school. I just needed to figure out the how part of it. How could I have my husband run our office by himself, and still be able to supplement my own income. The road to becoming a chiropractor is very expensive, between the student loans that each of us accrued and then the financial responsibility that came along with opening and running our own business. We not only had our own families to worry about , but now we have 9 other employees and their families we had to worry about. Our chiropractic business is successful, but we have a large amount of overhead and stress each month. When it comes down to numbers, I would say that we only practice chiropractic, (like actually putting our hands on our patient’s) about 10 percent. The other 80 percent is paperwork, phone calls, e-mails, dealing with insurance companies, billing, taxes… pretty much everything we did not go to school for and everything we do not love to do. We worried that when we would go on vacation, we would not have any income coming in or have to shut the office for an emergency. It’s not fun! I want to get paid to play! I am a mother of 2 very active boys; Cam 7 years old and Cade 9 years old. I pick them up every day from school and get to see a big smile on their faces. I cook them healthy meals. I spend more time with them after school, play with them outside, help them with their homework, and drive them to baseball without stress of running late (most of the time-lol).


I am able to do all of this because, I decided to take a chance, step out of my comfort zone (joining an MLM), and said, “YES!” Back to my “WHY” and wanting to retire my husband. You see, while owning a business is great, there is a lot that goes into it; financially, physically and emotionally. Joining this MLM has opened the doors to financial freedom, owning a business without overhead, being able to work from home, staying home to take care of my kids (my favorite), getting paid while on vacation (my other favorite), getting paid to play, and eventually retiring my husband. The sky is the limit when it comes to this company, and the earning potential that anyone can achieve. When the girl on my team called me to tell me that she just got her first paycheck and it was pretty substantial, she now understood my “WHY”. “Why” I wanted to retire my “doctor” husband. " --Aliyah Strotter

"Since joining this business a little over a year ago, a lot has changed. I’ve been able to quit my job as a marriage and family therapist! I am now my own boss and I get to work from home. We are no longer living paycheck to paycheck which has been a huge blessing and I love being able to spend more time with my family!” 

Amy McNally 

"This biz has made it possible to work from home and provide an extra income for our family. We are seeing so many others lives impact the world, and team members impacted and lives transformed! The the best part is out of our abundance we get to give extravagantly to end sex trafficking, raise awareness about adoption and foster care. We get to be the change we wish to see in the world!"

Amy Marino 

What if, this opportunity could change your life too? What if you could get paid by helping others to live their BEST life & have great hair/skin?

How could that change your life?

“Wow, what has Monat brought into my life?? Let’s start with my scalp! It was a hot mess and I was one call away from visiting my dermatologist. Just in the nick of time Kristi Dear messaged me about Monat. She didn’t know that I had also been daydreaming about having a successful biz from home while having fun too! I immediately said YES! Now, my scalp is happy, my hubby has more confidence because he has more hair and I feel good about getting toxic ingredients off my daughters head! I’m a nurse that has officially retired into Monat! I have a free Cadillac in my garage, I’ve went on the most lavish incentive trips, but most importantly my dream of intertwining a successful business with my best friends has come true! Every day is a good day because I’m helping others create a life they love and have hair that’s off the charts amazing! Isn’t it amazing what one little YES can do?! “


Lark Allen