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Your Journey starts Now!

"You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight."

Jim Rohn

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What if one decision could change your life


Imagine having the choice  FREEDOM to create a life that allows you to be who you want to be and experience what you want to experience, and live life on your terms? 

A life where you  could go on vacations that don’t strip your sanity because you’re not worried

about budgets.


A life where you could spend precious moments being present with your kids because you’re not overworked and underpaid for a job you dislike.


No more shackles to a desk or a job that makes you flinch every time you walk in the door.


No more waking up in the middle of the night, wishing you had a choice. Wishing things were better. Wishing you had an opportunity for change. 

What if I told you that one decision to take a chance and say YES could change your life.


Hi I’m Kristi Dear, wife, entrepreneur and mom to three beautiful kids ages 23, 22, & 16, and

for a while I was struggling.

Struggling to have the income, the biz,  the choice freedom, and the happiness that I longed for.

We couldn’t go on many family vacations because of money.  I had to say NO to the extras for my kids a lot more than I wanted to.

I had to settle for just getting by most of the time, and I really didn't  like the way that felt.


I lived most of the time, in worry & fear.  Worried about how we could ever pay off all of our debt.  Worried about paying for my kiddos college.  Fearful of what would happen if there was an unexpected emergency expense.  Fearful of not having any $$$ in savings

But on  October 26, 2016 all of that has changed.  I did something that I said I would


I said YES to a biz opportunity that has dramatically changed our lives   

& because of that I was able to create a lucrative income stream and freedom based lifestyle that I once only dreamed about.

Not only is it about me and what I was able to create but it's also about supporting others to do the same through this opportunity 

If you are......


Tired of working a 9-5 that drains the life out of you

Tired of doing side jobs for extra $$$ that don't really pay much extra $$$

Tired of spending time away from your family

Tired of stressing and worrying about money 

Tired of feeling like you don't have the fun, friendships, or freedom that you so desire in your life....then this opportunity IS FOR YOU 



What you receive when partnering with me: & Joining this biz

* An opportunity to make the money and live the lifestyle of your dreams 

* A 1:1 Success launch call to map out your goals so you can start making the money you desire 


*My 3 Step proven formula for sharing the biz and closing the sale  (without being salesy)

*Your own website 

*Weekly team coaching calls 

*30 day social media calendar so you can jump start your biz the right way

*Live training calls from TOP producers & income earners

* A Supportive FB community filled with like minded people from around the world 


*Opportunities to go on  paid for vacations, drive a paid for Cadillac, team retreats, team masterminds, girls night outs, and much more

The great thing IS:

There is No overhead. No minimum monthly purchase. 

No inventory to stock, & the products ship direct to consumer. 













I believe that choice FREEDOM is one of the BEST gifts we can give ourselves.


I love to partner with  individuals who are ready to change their lives. Who are ambitious, enjoy having fun, desire to help a lot of people while creating a  lucrative income stream working from anywhere.


Individuals who are ready to live life on their terms and to their fullest potential, mentally, emotionally, & physically. 


If this sounds like you, I would like to invite you to 

CLICK HERE and  let's chat to discover if working together is right for you 


"I told a girl on my team that one of my “WHY’s” were that I wanted to retire my “doctor” husband. I didn’t realize at the time, she thought I was crazy for saying that. You see, my husband Craig, and I are both Chiropractic Physicians. We own our own chiropractic practice, and we have for over 10 years.


Although I love nothing more than being a Chiropractor, I wanted to be able to stay home for my kids once they started elementary school. I just needed to figure out the how part of it. How could I have my husband run our office by himself, and still be able to supplement my own income. The road to becoming a chiropractor is very expensive, between the student loans that each of us accrued and then the financial responsibility that came along with opening and running our own business. We not only had our own families to worry about , but now we have 9 other employees and their families we had to worry about. Our chiropractic business is successful, but we have a large amount of overhead and stress each month. When it comes down to numbers, I would say that we only practice chiropractic, (like actually putting our hands on our patient’s) about 10 percent. The other 80 percent is paperwork, phone calls, e-mails, dealing with insurance companies, billing, taxes… pretty much everything we did not go to school for and everything we do not love to do. We worried that when we would go on vacation, we would not have any income coming in or have to shut the office for an emergency. It’s not fun! I want to get paid to play! I am a mother of 2 very active boys; Cam 7 years old and Cade 9 years old. I pick them up every day from school and get to see a big smile on their faces. I cook them healthy meals. I spend more time with them after school, play with them outside, help them with their homework, and drive them to baseball without stress of running late (most of the time-lol).


I am able to do all of this because, I decided to take a chance, step out of my comfort zone (joining an MLM), and said, “YES!” Back to my “WHY” and wanting to retire my husband. You see, while owning a business is great, there is a lot that goes into it; financially, physically and emotionally. Joining this MLM has opened the doors to financial freedom, owning a business without overhead, being able to work from home, staying home to take care of my kids (my favorite), getting paid while on vacation (my other favorite), getting paid to play, and eventually retiring my husband. The sky is the limit when it comes to this company, and the earning potential that anyone can achieve. When the girl on my team called me to tell me that she just got her first paycheck and it was pretty substantial, she now understood my “WHY”. “Why” I wanted to retire my “doctor” husband. " --Aliyah Strotter


"Since joining this business a little over a year ago, a lot has changed. I’ve been able to quit my job as a marriage and family therapist! I am now my own boss and I get to work from home. We are no longer living paycheck to paycheck which has been a huge blessing and I love being able to spend more time with my family!” 

Amy McNally 

"This biz has made it possible to work from home and provide an extra income for our family. We are seeing so many others lives impact the world, and team members impacted and lives transformed! The the best part is out of our abundance we get to give extravagantly to end sex trafficking, raise awareness about adoption and foster care. We get to be the change we wish to see in the world!"

Amy Marino 

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"It seems a bit silly to say that shampoo changed my life, but that is exactly what happened. I was asked to try Monat 3 times before I said yes. Like everyone else I was skeptical to what it said it was going to do. I’m a hairstylist of 13 years and honestly didn’t believe it was going to work. But after 1 month using it my bald spot in my bangs started to grow back. I couldn’t believe it! Monat came into my life at a time when I desperately needed a second stream of income, a community, and something that was focusing on myself. Not only has my hair improved dramatically for the better but so has my finances."


—- Jennie Nicewarmer


I just never saw this one coming! In hopes to get my sassy happy curls back, I had no idea my nutrition school bestie would share her secret with me! That triggered events like my curls are happy and sassy again! 

I work with my best friends everyday supporting one another! We are serving and sharing and giving people the tools to get their sexy back! and that I would receive nurturing and be surrounded by AMAZING sisters that hold me up and hold space for me to come out and shine my light brighter and to help me heal my heart 

Little did I know in search of my sassy curly healthier hair back, I would be guided to the blessing that this morning replaced my 9-5 corporate salary, I have no words… I woke up and I just cried tears of appreciation.

--Jennifer Curry Prasad

Holistic Health Coach & Wellness and Beauty Influencer


What if, this opportunity could change your life too? What if you could get paid by helping others to live their BEST life & have great hair/skin?

How could that change your life?

Disclaimer- These results are not typical. MONAT makes no guarantee that you will achieve similar results. Your results will depend on your hard work and effort. The average annual income for ALL U.S. market Partners at all Ranks (which includes Active and inactive a Market Partners) in 2019 was $809. Thirty six percent of U.S. market Partners were not Active in 2019 and therefore did not earn any commissions. 

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