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Hey You! 

I have a secret to tell you…..

You are Meant For More

You envision a life  that supports you, gives you freedom of mind and financial success,

and fulfills you by serving others

You are ready to show up and do the work but you need help finding those missing pieces in yourself, in your message, and in your business strategy.

You crave that inner knowing and belief in yourself and your ability to leap forward into the larger version of yourself and all that is possible

It’s time to stop dreaming, and start creating!


and girlfriend I have you covered!


Hi I'm, Kristi Dear


 I am a Mindset & Success Coach,  Director with Monat Global ( a non-toxic beauty company ) Author & Speaker.

I work with purpose driven women who are ready to step into their spotlight, so they can build the lifestyle &  businesses and they have dreamed of!! I teach my clients & team to bust through their mindset blocks to success, so they can allow more money, happiness, and freedom to flow into their lives.

I believe in:

  • Freedom

  • Family

  • Faith

  • Changing lives

  • Possibility

  • Helping people tap into their true selves so that they can MANIFEST their deepest dreams and desires 

I know what it's like to struggle, and feel like you're not living a lifestyle that you desire.

After my first two children were born, I was in my early 20’s & found myself in a life  that I didn’t want. I was 75lbs overweight, my husband was working around the clock to provide for us. We lived paycheck to paycheck, I was depressed, unhappy with my self-image, lacked confidence, didn't have many friends, and felt that I was living someone else’s life!

Until one day I had an Aha moment- after all this time I realized that the only thing keeping me STUCK was me! I had a choice, I could either continue living like I was living and thinking the same way, or I could do something about it. 


 I started learning about the power of our minds, our thoughts, our words, and our daily habits. I began tuning into the version of me I wanted to become instead of just staying stuck in the version I didn't want.


When I started to apply these mindset SHIFTs to my life, my world started to change.  I lost the 75lbs, become a personal trainer, then  a mindset & success coach, and then I partnered with a non-toxic beauty company (something I said I would never do, ha) and became a top director and multi-million dollar earner within a few years in the biz.


 I have manifested 

paid for luxurious trips,  my dream home with a pool, retiring my hubby from corporate America, paying off all our CC debt, receiving monthly payments for driving a Cadillac Escalade, and becoming a Multi-Million Dollar

earner with my beauty company.


I was also featured in Fitness Magazine for my weight loss. I have been featured on all the Dallas local news channels for my kids exercise video I created called Get Fit Kids, 

Fox 4, NBC, ABC, CBS, & I was also

featured in the Dallas Morning News twice!


I now enjoy my time coaching and training my team/clients to manifest their dream lifestyle, hanging out with my besties, working out, being a wife and a mom to my three kiddos ages 22, 21, & 16, and inspiring people all over the world to BREAK Free of the mental junk that  keeps them stuck in their lives (like I was)  so they can Manifesting their dream life & biz! 

If you feel stuck in your life, stuck in your biz, and feel like the income and lifestyle you desire is so close but you're just not sure what to do to get there

Just CLICK HERE and let's see if we are a good fit working together to turn your dreams into  reality 

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