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Uncovering Your Blocks to Receiving More Money


Episode 102: Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I am so happy to have you here, I'm your host Kristi Dear. Today we're going to talk about manifesting money and tapping into abundance. I want to share with you a book that my team and I have been doing for a book club that is really incredible, empowering and eye-opening to our emotions and attachments towards money. So, let's take a dive deep into this book.

Ready? Let's go...


• Because we coach and train our team on law of attraction, on how to get your mind right, how to get your energy right, your state right before you take action in your business, which like we talked about before. I mean, if you take action from a place of not feeling confident, of not feeling like things could happen, of not feeling like your dreams are possible, that your business could grow or you can't make the money that you desire, then you're going to have a totally different outcome than when you take action from a place of belief, from a place of excitement, from a place of curiosity, to a place of... What if this happened? Right? (02:06)

• But basically it says How Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT, which is what I call tapping, can help you clear the path to making more money. And it breaks it all down, the mind-body connection to money. Our earliest memory of money. Which is your money paradigm? How you really feel about money. It uncovers any traumas around money, and I also like this one chapter, it says breaking the cycle of always striving. So if you ever feel like you're always striving but you're never arriving, it can be some subconscious limiting beliefs in there. And so she really helps you to uncover anything holding you back. (04:19)

• For so many years that kept me broke, stuck and unhappy and a lot of weight on my shoulders, thinking I had to do it all. Gosh, that's a lot of responsibility, right? And even recognizing that in myself, even today, even through all the practices and all of the studying and the tools I've used on myself, to realize that sometimes those patterns still try to come through where I'm like, I'll just do it, I'll just take care of it. If I want something, I need to do it and not lean back and allow other people to support me. So that's something that I've really worked through and continue to work through, is just having that mantra and being open to being a great receiver. And then we have that mantra at the beginning of the podcast, you know I'm receiving now? I find myself really, really favoring mantras that talk about receiving, because I feel like that was my vow. I think there's a lot of people in the world that have unconsciously taken that vow and they're working so hard, so many hours, overwhelmed, burnout, trying to manifest things, trying to reach that goal, or just trying to survive the day, and not realizing that life could be easier if they would just lean back and learn how to receive. (07:52)

• And then on this journey called life and these bumps in the roads, that's just allowing our soul to grow, that's just giving us that soul growth and teaching moment, and it can be beautiful. It's just in really how you look at it, you know? That's why I like to say you never fail, it's just an opportunity to learn and grow. Right? But I have been doing one of Margaret Lynch's tapping pretty much every day. And then, reading the book and we're discussing it on the book club. So hey, you may want to check out this book, it's really incredible, and I'm really enjoying doing her tapping's and diving into this book. And you know, if you feel like you need support and you need that community of people to lift you up, support you, hold you accountable, maybe you're wanting to have more income flowing into your life from multiple sources, reach out to me. Let's talk about maybe you joining my team, my beauty business, being able to be coached by me one-on-one, being able to have multiple streams of income, being able to be in a group of supportive people who encourage you to dream big. (15:30)


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