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The Prospering Power of Prayer


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I'm your host Kristi Dear. Today, I want to talk about the prospering power of prayer, why it's important and how it can literally transform your life. There's been a lot of uncertainty in the world lately. I feel that this is such a time in our lives where we need the power of prayer more than ever to remember that we can always get still and quiet and just pray. Instead of getting caught up into the fear based stories of what if this happened, what's that going to look like? What's going to happen to me? What's going to happen in my family? I'm going to call on that loving energy of the universe to protect myself, my family and my loved ones. You can also pray for the world, it doesn't just have to be people. You could stop right now and just say a prayer, God, I'm calling on you to just send love to everybody in the world. I want to be love. I want to see love. I want to spread love.

Ready? listen in...


• I wanted to talk about prayer because sometimes we can get caught up in the doing, trying to manifest our desires or trying to do things alone. Or, like I mentioned, even praying out of fear, like fearful that something bad could happen. It's fearful that something might happen that you wouldn't expect. And so praying out of fear, like, oh my gosh, God, please help me. Or please help this person or please help this situation not to happen in my life. So you're praying out of fear. And as we talked about before on the mindset should podcast, whatever you put out, energetically, you get back. (3:58)

• I am protected by God. I'm just putting a bubble, loving the universe around myself, my family, and I will not accept. This is to get in that state of mind and then pray out, have faith, pray from love, pray from a place of claiming it and believing it. And that's where the power comes into play. That's when miracles happen, you know, I heard this the other day and it said, prayer makes you irresistible to your good. If there is a stream of abundance, always flowing to us, but it's just us. We have to tap into it. (5:13)

• This businessman continued to keep this prayer statement where ever he could see it. And wherever he went, he would say it daily. There is only one presence and power in my life, and that is God, God is within me and is performing miracles and my mind, body and affairs here. And now that is very, very powerful. Isn't it just by saying the prayer from a place of claiming it of a place of believing it, a place of love claiming that his life started as to improve his wife health got better. (7:59)

• We can choose to say, no, I do not accept this. I do not accept that. This is my way of living. And this is my way of life. I will not accept this. I am here right now for God's rich love to embrace it myself, my family, my loved ones, my home. I am praying for a power of protection to come over me. You can also say the peace and loving energy of this universe is poured out upon this situation. Now producing perfect results, claiming it, feeling it, believing it. (9:45)


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