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The Prospering Power of Peace


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I'm your host Kristi Dear. In this series and this month of August, we are going to be talking about releasing judgments, like judgments towards yourself or others, really surrendering to the universe, really letting go of attachment to things or ideas or maybe the belief of where you should be in your life and just moving with the flow of the loving energy of the universe. Just really allowing the universe to guide you every step of the way, for you to just move in this dance, the song dance, and not try to force or push or make things happen, but really, really step into this beautiful dance with the universe. And when you lean back, when you surrender when you let go more, when you have fun more, that's when more miracles and blessing show up.

Ready? Let's go...


• It's like having that energy towards them, but it's really about drinking poison and wishing that it would harm somebody else, it's going to only harm you, it's only going to steal your joy, it's only going to rob you of your blessings, your richness, you're goodness, because you're not going to be lined up with the energy of miracles and blessings and love. (2:45)

• Sometimes it can be easy to judge others because we're always looking at something from the perspective of what we would do, and so our beliefs are a way of responding to the world, our way of taking action is all because of our collective thoughts, believes, journey over the years that we've lived. And what makes us us, we believe this is us. You are raised a certain way, you have certain values, you have certain beliefs, you have certain beliefs on how people should respond, how people should go to work, maybe how much money people should make. Maybe if people sit down and they're too non-active during the day, they're lazy, whatever those judgments as beliefs are, you know... We all have them. (6:13)

• The thing about that is, and something that I've really learned along my journey is that everybody has their own journey, everybody has their own soul contracts. I believe their own journey, their own ups and downs, highs and lows, things that they are going to go through and need to go through for that soul expansion, for that soul growth. And we may not understand it every time because our contract, our soul contract, our journey is going to look completely different, and that person that's in our life sharing a story about how they responded, how they're raising their children, maybe how they're dealing with a certain situation, how they're dealing with their job or their work or their business, we may not be able to understand, that's because we're on a different path. (8:30)

• If people would just do things a certain way, I would feel better. The world would be a different place. But here's the thing, everybody, as I've learned, has their own journey or own soul contract, and the best thing that we can do is love people where they're at, listen to them, give them compassion, give them love, and really work on not having an opinion or a judgment about their decisions. Now, if you have a friend that's constantly calling you and being negative, negative, negative, negative, negative, negative, complaining and never wanting to be solution-focused, that means... They just want to complain. (10:46)

• That's something that I love to do is just see a prayer. If I have somebody who has a totally different way of doing things coming into my life and sharing with me a different perspective, say a little prayer to God and say, God, you know what is this person trying to teach me? I believe that there's a reason they're in my life. What is this person trying to teach me, what's the lesson I need to learn here? Maybe I need to expand my beliefs, maybe it's not just my way or the highway. Maybe there is a different way of doing things. (12:59)


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