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The Prospering Power of Growth


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast. I am so happy to have you here. Today we're going to be talking about the prospering power of growth. There's three stages to your growth, to your manifestation. There is the time when you plant the seed, then there's the time where you're waiting for that seed to grow, that's when you're in the stage of feeling into it, believing it and reminding yourself that you're worthy and deserving, and then the last stage is the harvest, the manifestation that your desired goal has become manifested in your reality, and each stage is very important.

Ready to listen in? Let's go...


• I wanted to share this, because I think so many times people give up on their goal right when it's about to manifest. They're in the waiting period, they're waiting for the seed to harvest for them to see the results, and they feel like it's not happening fast enough. Therefore they're seeing a story, well, then it's not gonna happen, it's not happening fast enough, maybe I'm doing something wrong, and it's in that waiting time that is so important. (2:41)

• How to respond with a God-like mindset, how to respond more with love. Now, thank you for this situation with this person driving down the road tailgating me. Maybe driving erratically. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond with love, thank you for giving me the opportunity to maybe pull back and not say what's really on my mind here, that I want to say like, What the heck, are you doing? But to give myself the opportunity to lean back and give that person love and say, You know what, that person must be having a really bad day to treat somebody like that on the road that they don't even know. (6:16)

• You're going to have to up-level the way you talk to yourself, the way you talk to other people, the way you show up, right? Because you have to get in vibrational harmony to receive that amount of money, you have to get in vibrational harmony with the up-leveling of the manifestations that you desire. So, that's that time of waiting, that's the time of the affirmations, the belief, doing the As If I mentioned before on a previous podcast, doing the as if party with yourself or others, getting together and talking like As If your manifestations have already manifested. (8:34)

• So, in order to receive more, in order to receive more good, in order to receive greater things in our life, we have to first grow inwardly, and that's that season, that time of the seed planting, the crop of good thoughts to harvest. So I want to encourage you, if the seeds that you've planted, if the goals that you've planted have not come as fast as you desire or you're in that waiting period, I want you to remind yourself that this is just as important as when your desire is manifest and be willing to grow into your good, be willing to expand your consciousness, be willing to appreciate the growth, be willing to bless the situation, be willing to continue to do your mantra. So, do your Magic Five Morning Mindset to do the work needed to grow into your good. This is a perfect time to let go and trust. (17:05)


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