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The Present Moment is All You Have


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I am so happy to have you here. I'm your host Kristi Dear and today I'm going to encourage you to be present in the moment, give gratitude and appreciation for this moment and really feel into what it feels like to live in that state of grateful and thankfulness. Just really live there, and if something tries to throw your mind off from the present, like being worried about something... You retrain your mind and then you make it a habit and say, No, I'm just going to be thankful, grateful for this moment right now.

Ready to learn more? Let's go...


• I'd love to just challenge you to stop and think about five things you're grateful for. I just want to give you a second to just think about that and feel it, feel into that space about how grateful and thankful you are that these five things are in your life right now. Think about how amazing it is that you already have these things in your life, maybe some things that you recognize that you have maybe taken for granted and didn't really appreciate until you really starting to become aware of it. Like appreciating more, like we've been doing this month, but just really stepping into that appreciation and gratitude. Maybe it was having an amazing Thanksgiving with friends and family, maybe it was having a Thanksgiving with not as many friends and family. Maybe it was being by yourself, like the quiet time, the relaxation. Everybody's Thanksgiving can look different, and that's okay, but just really appreciating five things in your life right now. (2:23)

• Who would be around you? How would you respond when this thing manifests in your life? Would you jump for joy? Would you scream? Would you have a smile on your face? Would you go celebrate? I want you to think about that right now. Think about who you would tell, who would be around you, what we would do, how you would celebrate, and you're just pouring so much love and gratitude on this... You're just saying, I knew it was going to happen. I knew that God was going to bless me with this, I know that it's going to show up, I knew it was going to show up in my life. I'm so grateful and thankful this has showed up in my life. (4:30)

• Now we're putting things out to manifest, but are we really in control? No, God's in control, right? I usually just put this imaginary bubble of golden light around my family members of just health and wellness and protection, and just seeing angels around them and God around them, and saying, You are protected, your are loved, you're protected, your are loved. You are well and healthy, and they have been very, very healthy and well, so I just continue to just do that. Put that bubble around them and making sure I'm putting thoughts of goodness out there for them. But I've really tried to stop worrying about the future or what could happen or things in the past that maybe I could have changed or I could have done different with my kiddos, and I just really being in the present, because the present is all we have this moment. (9:16)

• I am going to have faith and trust in the Universe that This or Something Better is coming my way. And my job right now is to just be in gratitude, gratitude for things that I have gratitude for, things not yet manifested, and just being really, really present in this moment and giving thanks for this moment, in this moment of being alive. You know, whether that's being by yourself and just having some quiet time, maybe that's getting a massage, maybe that's driving down the road to go somewhere, you can look at that with appreciation, like, Hey, at least I have a car and I'm on my way somewhere. Having lunch with friends, being with your loved one, just being in that moment of gratitude and appreciation for that moment, and giving so much thanks that you are there right there and giving that person that you're with your undivided attention. (12:08)

• So that's what I want to encourage you to do right now, just give thanks, say a little prayer of gratitude, God, thank you so much for this moment in my life right now. Thank you Universe, for this moment in my life right now. Thank you for everything that you've given me. I'm so grateful and thankful for everything that I have and everything that's on its way to me, and so it is... So if you have a really cool manifestation story, I'd love for you to email me at MindsetKristi@, share it with me. (16:48)


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