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The Power of a Thankful Mindset


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I am so happy to have you here. I'm your host Kristi Dear and today we're going to be talking about gratitude, giving things, appreciation for yourself, appreciation for your body, appreciation for your life, what it can do for you and how it can allow you to manifest your goals faster. We've talked about standing in a place of gratitude and appreciation before on this podcast, but being that it's November, there are two things I'm really grateful for; one is that it's my birthday month and two it's almost Thanksgiving!

Ready to dive into the power of a thankful mindset? Let's go...


• I noticed this about my personality, is that, maybe you can relate... I set a goal, set an intention, I do my morning mindset, I really feel into it, and then you know when that goal comes to fruition, when I'm experiencing that goal, I'm on to the next goal. And while that's good, I'm always setting goals and I'm excited to see what shows up and manifest new things, and I'm excited about manifesting my goals, but I've noticed this about me and maybe with age comes more wisdom, but you know... But throughout a lot of my life, I haven't really taken the time to sit and appreciate what is already manifested, to really give thanks and really step into appreciation, and I've been really working on doing that a lot, a lot more than I ever have before. (5:33)

• Or constantly be in this creation mode, I guess, and just leaning back even more and more and more and of course, as we know from the Mindset Chick podcast, the more you lean back, the more you take your hands off the wheel, the more that God, the Universe can guide you and bring you the right people and things that match your desires. Really that's how it works. So the more control we have and the more we're in a kind of I gotta do this, I gotta do that, I can do this. Even the manic manifesting like, Oh, I got to manifest. That kind of energy is going to limit your results. (7:26)

• I just decided I'm going to be in silence, and I really appreciated the silence, and in that silence, I was driving, just thinking about all the things that have already happened in my life, all the things that I once desired to manifest. I was driving my Cadillac, and as a lot of you guys know, I manifested this Cadillac through the beauty business that I do. And so I'm driving my Cadillac Escalade, and I'm just thinking about the time when I was dreaming about driving this car, now I'm driving this car. I was thinking about dreaming about starting a podcast, and now I have a podcast. I was nervous to put myself out there, but like JFDI. Just freaking do it. Kristi did it. I was dreaming about having a very successful business where I could help inspire, mentor, coach and support people to be the best version of themselves, have a freedom-based lifestyle, moved to a home with a pool... All these things that have already happened, and I don't know if I've really taken that time to just sit and appreciate all those things. (8:51)

• You can work through that, but if you're feeling like, Man, I'm feeling like this thing that I desire to manifest isn't showing up in time or not showing up the way that it should be, then you can come back and just take a little break and look at it from a different perspective and say, Okay. Well, what is showing up for me? What is coming into my life? What are the blessings that I already have? You know what's already there? In my beauty business... We have customers and we have business partners, and I coach a lot of my team, and when they say, I'm really working on this goal, this income goal or this business goal, and I feel like it's not showing up is not showing up. We go back to counting all of the customers, all the business partners, all the sales, all the income that they've already made in the business that they've already manifested, and it really shows them... They realize, Wow, I do have so many things to be grateful for. (12:17)

• That story is beautiful, and it's just a symbol of what we can do in our own lives when we bless things, when we give things, when we have gratitude. When we sit in awe and appreciate everything we already have instead of running to the next thing and running to the next thing and running to the next thing, but just really even taking a moment, taking a day, taking a week, taking some time, and just sitting in appreciation. Sometimes people think, Well, gosh, I'm just sitting in appreciation, I need to be doing... Doing doing, I need to keep going. Yes, activity is great, but sometimes just being and staying in a state of appreciation is also doing... You're just doing it in a different way. You're doing it with your mindset way, when you're in a state of appreciation and gratitude, you're allowing great things to flow to you, you're just doing it with less effort. (16:45)


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