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The Mind, Body, & Soul Connection with Jenny Dean


Welcome to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I'm your host Kristi Dear. Today, I'm here to announce a very special guest, somebody who I've been following for a while, and I love her energy, I love what she stands for. Jenny Dean loves and dreams about doing fitness every day of her life. She fell in love with yoga and weight training years ago and she wanted to share her love with others to have the same aspirations to become stronger versions of themselves. Jenny put her love for yoga and her love for weight lifting all under one roof and she asked God to help her teach others to do the same.

Jenny is a mother to two beautiful children and engaged to a wonderful man, sometimes balancing her family life and career may be tough, but she strongly believes that finding time for yourself and your health is important. She has also started her own podcast called living on purpose. She realized she was living most of her life, sleep-walking, not really feeling her thoughts or her body, she was just going through the motions. One day she woke up, then she decided that she wanted to share this work, this healing, and the experiences that she had with others that got her to wake up after teaching yoga cross-training for 10 years, she decided to stop putting her dream on hold, and so she pulled the trigger to open up her own place, that's how Karma Fitness was born.

Join us and listen in...


• So, I was a school teacher, I was... I went to Texas Tech, 10 years of special education, and then I stayed at home with two babies, and I was going crazy. I thought I could stay at home, or I always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom because that's what my mom did. But then a year in... No, I wouldn't even say a year and a month in after my second, I have a two-year-old and an infant, I was like, I have to find purpose other than this, because it is the hardest job ever, you lose yourself. (4:00)

• I feel like being a yoga instructor is super. I hold that very high, it's very important because you basically have this whole class eating out of the palm of your hands, is how I describe it. It is their first time that they're connecting to themselves, and it could be good or, a lot of the times it's bad, so it's like people were so hard on themselves, we're like, what we had last night for dinner, or if we had wine the night before. Yoga connects you to the good and the bad of your true self, and a lot of people, I would say the average person cannot sit with that. (7:04)

• I will say I've been eating clean, which to me is no fried food, and just being aware of what I'm putting in my body for over 15 years. It is not a diet to me, it's definitely a lifestyle. I did not start out like that. In college, I ate, I drink, It wasn't like I was on a strict diet, like when my mom raised us, it wasn't anything like that. I wanted to feel good all of the time, so that's why I hardly drink anymore because I want to wake up the next day feeling my best, and I will just be mad at myself if I drank the night before or if I eat like crap, that's gonna make me feel bad. So I do things even when I work out, I don't work out because I love it, I hate the hour of working out, but I love the results. And I love the fact how I feel like I'm on a high and I never regret to work out just like I'll never regret drinking water or putting good stuff in my mouth. (11:59)

• I think the biggest thing is self-awareness, if people acknowledge, just like the caddiness that women do... I can't even describe it. What am I trying to say? Maybe jealousy, like If jealousy comes up, that is our ego. Really, if you're living God's way is we should be happy for everyone, we really want happy for other people, it's the ego and it's... I call it the devil on the right hand shoulder, that's like a need to come wreck havoc on your life. If you're thinking that way, we've all done it like, Oh, she's got great legs, and that's just ego. There you go, getting in the way when really we just need to appreciate other women and we all are walking in our own way of life, and I try my number one prayer in life is to live out God's way, like I know he has a plan for me, and I haven't always been like this, but I want to fulfill his plan for me, so my prayer is just, lead me in the right direction, whatever you want for my life, that has helped me create a flow. (17:18)


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