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Taking Inspired Action

Updated: Jan 19, 2021


Welcome back to The Mindset Chick Podcast. I'm so happy to have you here. And today we are in 2021, January 2021. It's a New Year, a new restart. This is a time for all of us usually in January, when people set new goals, set new intentions and start wanting to create something new in their lives, and New Year's resolution goals. We're going to be talking about setting those intentions and taking physical action towards your goals.

We've been talking about mindset action, and you know that that's action too, when you're visualizing, when you're tapping, when you're writing down your goals, that's actually taking action towards your goals. But it's a different kind of action, you're retraining your brain for success, you're creating that movie in your mind of where you're going and tuning out of where you've been or where you are, but you're creating your reality, so you are doing something, you are taking action.

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• I got this, I don't need your help. But when you do manifest, to really manifest your desire, it's co-creating with the universe, it's allowing universal forces to guide you, to lead you in the right direction and even give you that divine download. That clarity, that insight. Now, what do you need to do? What action you need to take? Maybe who you need to talk to, where you need to go today. How you need to spend your time. (4:22)

• The reason why we can't manifest the money we desire is because of our beliefs and attitudes towards money. And a lot of us, I didn't even realize myself until I started diving into a money mindset, that a lot of us have a lot of blocks towards money. Just from our old programming or maybe how we were raised or what we were taught about money. Or, what we think about money now. And so when we change your story around money, when we change or believe around money and how it really can show up in expected and unexpected ways. And how we can manifest anything else, we can manifest money. (5:42)

• That literally makes my heart so incredibly happy for you to know that just doing some simple daily practices around money and changing your vibration and changing your attitude and changing your story, can allow you to have this money flow into your life. (8:11)

• Every day before I take physical action, even this podcast is, physical action, right? I'm sharing with you guys, I'm showing up, I'm recording, I'm sharing. And so every time before I start my day after the magic five, and you know my workout and all that stuff, I get still and I spend some time closing my eyes. This is even something that I do before I run, maybe a Zoom call with my team or something that I've done before I've spoken on stage. But I get still and I get quiet, and I just asked divine guidance to share with me what do I need to do today to move myself closer to my goals. (14:09)

• You have universal forces here to guide you and lead you, and just waiting for you to ask, and you don't have to do it on your own. And just think, taking some deep breath, taking that pressure, taking that weight off your shoulders. Saying, Hey, me want some love, some clarity, some ideas, some feedback, some direction. And you might just be surprised at the message or the messages that you receive and how that can dramatically change your state, dramatically change your business, your life. (18:42)


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