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Stasia Bliss: Navigating Anger in Your Relationships Part 2


Episode 87: Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast. Today I've invited Stasia Bliss back on the podcast to dive deeper into the topic of anger and frustration. We're going to explore the how-tos in relationships, using anger as a guide, as fuel, as a tool to allow you, support you, to manifest more of your dreams and your goals. Learn how to live a more happier, more blissful life, instead of getting frustrated when anger arises. At the end of this episode, you'll start to understand why the anger is coming up, what it's teaching you and how to move through it in a healthy way.

Ready? Listen in...


• I love this question. So I think I want to start by framing it with the way that we perceive what relationships are supposed to be for... I think there needs to be just a little bit of tweaking on that, we kind of just come from a tradition of, I think we're not really thinking about this person is here to make me happy, or they're here to fulfill my dreams, or we have these expectations about this relationship. This person is loving me forever, and so we get disappointed when it doesn't always look like I'm being loved and being supported and being cared for. And so the paradigm shift, I think that's necessary is to realize that every relationship is an alchemical relationship, that's what I call it, an alchemical relationship. (03:51)

• You know, we're constantly aging, we're growing. It would be a little strange if you just stayed exactly the same when you met someone as 10 years later, although I have been in relationships where the person gets mad like, Hey, you're not the person that I got together with, and you're like, Oh yeah, I'm growing too, I'm changing too. And so I think this is something that we could all use an education on or just get a different perspective. What is the purpose of relationship? We can look at the purpose, because if our purpose is just for someone else to make us happy and for us to be in marital bliss all the time, then anger doesn't seem to make any sense and we don't like it, and we throw it out... Right? But in the idea that we're growing, changing humans who are hopefully evolving, especially on a spiritual journey, we're wanting to become better, we're wanting to be our most authentic self, live our truth, learn, grow and master ourselves, ultimately, that's what I think my goal is, is to self-mastery. (07:59)

• Here comes something new, like something new is about to come forth, there's the energy, there's the power to be in a curious space. And even with yourself, if you feel yourself getting angry about something, you can also be the witness of your own anger, that's something that meditation yoga has really helped me to do is, it is possible to be in an extreme emotion while witnessing it at the same time, so part of your mind, right? So you're like, Okay, I'm getting really mad right now, and instead of being like, I got to stop, I need to stop this and go away, you might just be like, Okay, I'm getting angry, how can I hold space for myself right now to do this? And that brings a little space around it to where you can feel into what is the best way, like sometimes the best way is to just let it out, like that one needs to be let out. Build a little bit of heartbreak or pain that's there, and if both people can witness that, it's almost like you're witnessing a wound showing itself. (16:24)

• Purification is often called the dark night of the soul, because they're so much like dark energy and anger can be there and old lifetimes of wounds. And so if we can collectively realize that we're kind of in a dark night of the soul, which is part of the natural awakening process, and it is just a stage, then we can have a little bit more compassion for ourselves and for each other as we're going through this. Just kind of breathe through it, hold each other's hands, find ways to support each other and getting through it, so that we can get to the next phase, which is inevitable, I really don't believe this is going to go on forever. It's inevitable that the life force energy moves us through this phase into one of more empowerment, more creativity, that's the third chakra that's moving beyond the third dimensional reality that we've had, that's been largely security, safety and sexuality-based society, money, and all of that has been a first and second chakra experience, if your listeners are familiar with that, but... So we're moving beyond that. So to have compassion for this time and just know that we're all in this together. (25:34)


Stasia is a Master Tantric, Relationship Coach, Healer, Empath, Oracle and Mystic. Her studies and experiences have taken her around the globe and into the heart of Ancient Tantric and Yogic teachings as well as deep into the heart of the plant medicine journey as both an herbologist as well as a Shaman. Healing modalities include Akashic record/fielding work; Emotion Code; Past Life Scan and Ancestral lineage integration; kundalini yoga/meditation/hatha yoga cleansing practices and detoxification; DNA upgrades and mental sheath recalibration; womb healing; Internal Alchemy; Belvaspata Angelic Light/Frequency healing; Qi Vesta Spiritual Oneness consulting; Inner Family and Family Mandala integration and Especially Life-force management and recalibration.



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