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Stasia Bliss: How to use Setbacks and Fears to Guide you into your Purpose


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast. Today I am excited to share my special guest Stasia Bliss. Stasia is a Life-force Management Educator, Healer, Empowerment Coach, Oracle and Conscious Mental Health Practitioner who specializes in Relationship work. She sees all relationships as beginning with the inner relationship we have with the Self, and which then reflects in our intimate relationships, children, family and friends, and extends out into our relationship with our communities, the collective of humanity, the Earth, and finally our relationship with Source.

Her experience in assisting with understanding and integrating an expansion of Life-force energy - and how that can improve our personal lives and relationships -spans over 20 years. Stasia brings her studies, travels, wisdom and insights to you in order to support the self-realization journey of you and your families as well as ascension and evolution for humanity at large. She is a multi-time published author and speaker on various platforms, you can find her online courses, books, videos, articles, podcasts and book sessions with her through her website:

Ready? Let's go...


• I was a yoga teacher for 12 years up in Portland, and just trying to turn it back around like, You can do this... The power is within you. And so it's just kind of been my life path, I guess, to inspire and it's just become my own personal practice now. (3:51)

• I do think for everybody, it sort of all boils down to a sense of self-worth and self-love and really being able to believe in yourself, so of course, we all have had different journeys that get us to where we are and various different wounds or difficult times that causes to question our greatness, question are worth. So I really feel like my job is just to point people back in the direction of remembering who they truly are, remembering and activating that sense of inner empowerment. (5:48)

• So if you really just look at the magnetics of it and just like the basic biology of our energetic body that we have positive and negative. And so how that manifests in our life is we have positive and negative experiences, and I know we've all like to think that everything should be positive all the time, but I honestly think it would just get boring or we wouldn't have the same appreciation for our experiences if they were just flat line, good all the time, we would lose perspective of what good really is. (9:43)

• Death can also be equated to fear in my mind, like the fear of death or the fear of anything that seems to strip us away from life. We think we don't want it, but when we recognize that all of life is a cycle like recycle between pulling things close to us and pushing things away, between growing into something to its full extent and then shedding it and releasing it and starting again, and so there is sort of part of the movement of going from the unknown into the known. (12:24)

• Ask the question of yourself, kind of assume that, you know, assume that you're wise enough to have made this for yourself on purpose. This anxious moment, get cozy with it like, Oh, well, I wonder why I'm doing this, I wonder why I've changed the frequency. Right now, I wonder what I'm changing it for... And to have a curious, open-minded nature toward that will really allow whatever is coming in to be a little bit more graceful or gentle rather than when we're anxious and we think, Oh my gosh, I'm anxious that I want to do it, and we shy backwards away from it. But the anxiety stays because there is something for us there, just... We're resisting it. It's just a little bit of like... If you try not to do... It almost makes it worse, right? (14:47)


• Kristi Dear Website:

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