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Stasia Bliss: How Anger Can Be Your Friend


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast. Today I am excited to share my special guest Stasia Bliss. Stasia is a Life-force Management Educator, Healer, Empowerment Coach, Oracle and Conscious Mental Health Practitioner who specializes in Relationship work. Stasia is just so much love and light and she has really helped me to release a lot of emotions, thoughts and junk, that I didn't even know I had. She opened my eyes to a new world of just expanding and growth, I really value her opinions and insight. I've talked to her a lot about being frustrated and angry and how you deal with that while on a spiritual path, and how that fits in. Do we stop being angry? Do we stop being frustrated as we become more enlightened? I really loved the way that Stasia responded to my questions and how she talked about these feelings and emotions, and how they can actually be healthy.

I'm excited to share our conversation with you!

Ready? Listen in...


• So I really wanted you on this podcast because I feel it's so important to discuss emotions like anger and frustration. I feel like when people are doing these mindset practices, when they're really trying to grow spiritually and they're trying to be more connected and they're trying to just be a better person overall, that when these emotions come up. It can be really challenging, it can be conflicting because part of them could say, Well, I shouldn't be angry, I shouldn't be upset, I shouldn't be frustrated. I feel like I'm growing spiritually, I feel like I'm becoming a better person. I feel like I'm letting go of thoughts and feelings that aren't serving me. Like Why am I still frustrated and why am I so angry? And it can turn into a shame and guilt. (03:35)

• Right, so we're trying to figure out what we do with that. So what I like to lead people into is a power source anger, empowered anger. So, what this means to me is recognizing that it is a powerful emotion, it's actually a fuel and a power source, if we understand what it is, and that if somebody is invoking that feeling in us, it's actually an opportunity for empowerment. It's an opportunity for us to look at, Hey, have I been calling power into my life somewhere, and if I have, how can this opportunity of this anger that I feel be a fuel for the very thing I want to get done? If that makes sense. So to channel that fuel for me, a lot of times when I get angry, I allow myself to put it right into cleaning my house, and I clean my house better than I ever normally do, because of the fuel of the anger. And I always turn and I thank the person that got me mad, I'm like, Thank you so much, I really need to clean my house, and I just channel that anger into something that's helpful to me. (06:05)

• So again, there's a couple of different layers here. So, sometimes we don't have the luxury of immediately understanding why that anger is coming up, it kind of takes over our brain for a minute and we really just feel like the raw emotion of anger. So the best thing we can do is educate our self ahead of time and recognize, first of all, this isn't something I want to hold within myself. Because anger can actually turn into a very toxic emotion and can contribute to situations, even cancer in the body that's un-expressed, bottled up, held in anger that ends up eating us up inside. So the first thing we want to realize is no, I don't want to keep this inside, I don't want to validate it. (09:30)

• If you think about the quality of anger is often associated with the planet Mars or red, and its fire actually, it's the fire element in us, and so if we hold on to fire, what can happen? We can get burned. And so that anger in us is a powerful energy, I think of life force energy changes forms, sometimes it's fire, sometimes it's like solid grounding energy, sometimes it can blow through and it has all these different elemental qualities. And the ways that you just mentioned, like the workout is awesome. I feel like anything that can take that energy and channel it into something that is helping our life, which exercise does, exercise channels that fire into a usable energy, which passion and warrior movements and so forth are also associated with, that Martian, sort of firey energy. But then the other things like screaming, even though that can feel really good, and sometimes we just have to do it, we just have to let it out and scream. (12:51)

• Definitely. Culturally, we have a big opportunity right now. Everyone's suppressed emotions are coming out all over the place, and we see a lot of what we might say is ugly, but when we really let ourselves become self-responsible and go, Well, you know what, this has been under the surface all along, this has been the unspoken stuff all along. I know I grew up in a family which was very Christian, but we weren't allowed to show anger and hate to each other, it was of the devil or whatever, but what I realized is that that suppressed a lot of what I really felt over the years, and it took me some time in my adult life to come to terms with those emotions and realize, You know what, they aren't so big, when I just allow them their proper place. Like if I give them their proper place, they actually can become servants to me, and like I said, my anger now fuels my house cleaning. (21:42)


Stasia is a Master Tantric, Relationship Coach, Healer, Empath, Oracle and Mystic. Her studies and experiences have taken her around the globe and into the heart of Ancient Tantric and Yogic teachings as well as deep into the heart of the plant medicine journey as both an herbologist as well as a Shaman. Healing modalities include Akashic record/fielding work; Emotion Code; Past Life Scan and Ancestral lineage integration; kundalini yoga/meditation/hatha yoga cleansing practices and detoxification; DNA upgrades and mental sheath recalibration; womb healing; Internal Alchemy; Belvaspata Angelic Light/Frequency healing; Qi Vesta Spiritual Oneness consulting; Inner Family and Family Mandala integration and Especially Life-force management and recalibration.



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