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Sprint Into 2022


Welcome back to Season 2 of the Mindset Chick Podcast, I am so happy to have you here. I'm your host Kristi Dear. And, a big welcome to 2022! How cool is it? I am so excited about 2022, I hope you are too. New goals. New intentions. New manifestations. And you know what? I'm happy to say good bye to 2021. It's been a good year. Hasn't been that bad, but... I don't know if you're like me, it was okay, but I feel like 2022 is going to be so much better. And in order for things to get better, in order for things to just feel better, we do have to go through those times of contrast, those times of disappointment. Maybe when things didn't work out, maybe when we didn't make the money that we wanted, maybe when our business didn't go the way that we wanted. But in order to appreciate the good times, and also, to grow, to learn, to find ourselves, to heal, so many different things. but I'm really excited to say, You know what? 2021, you were cool, you were all right. But, I am sprinting into 2022 and I'm going all in.

Ready, let's go...


• I'm going to subscribe to the possibility of good things happening, I'm going to subscribe to the possibility of great things happening for myself, for my family, for the world, because I know that God is ultimately in control. As much as I try to control my life and what's going to happen, at the end of the day. God, source energy, the Universe, whatever you want to call it, a higher power is ultimately in control. (2:54)

• It's my path guiding me to be a better version of myself, to heal, to go through things that maybe I need to go through, and not look at it like I'm off my course, but I'm still on my course. Because not every day is going to be wonderful and roses and happy, happy, happy, right? But we have a choice in how we respond to our day, are we going to respond to our day with an icky-grumpy attitude? Or, are we going to respond to our day and say, You know what, maybe it's not going exactly like I want it, but I'm going to find the good today. (6:30)

• I've just never really been one of those people that want to go sit in front of a movie. I would actually rather be in the movie, I'd rather be acting, singing, whatever, that's just me. But this movie kept me on my toes and the edge of my seat. I didn't even want to get up and go to the bathroom. I wanted to watch every moment. I saw myself in this movie, and I think so many of us could see ourselves in this movie. It was a story about Kurt Warner and basically, he had this vision of being in the NFL. (7:34)

• We need to say No, I am good enough. I'm not giving up. Maybe I'm not exactly where I want to be, but that's because I have to do some more learning, growing... I have to take this path and I have to study more, I have to learn more of the skills, I've got to up-level, my manifesting mojo. I've got to get serious. I've got to get disciplined. Whatever it is, but my goal, my dream is possible because God doesn't play favorites. And if I see somebody with the success I desire, I need to get really, really, really excited because it's possible for me too. And I'm claiming it, 2022 is my year! It's my time, I'm claiming it, I'm owning it, I'm ready! I'm ready! And if you're ready, I want you to say right now, I'm ready! (10:47)

• Re-listen, go through that manifesting process, the five-step manifesting process that I put on the first few episodes of the Mindset Chick podcast. So, episode one is my introduction, if you haven't heard that or my story, feel free to listen to that. If you have... You can skip to Episode 2 and start with a five-step manifesting process and commit to doing the magic five every morning. We're going to call in some new stuff and we're going to claim it and own it! Next episode we're going to be going into detail on up-leveling your manifesting mojo. (12:42)


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