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Ray Higdon: How to Create a Successful & Abundant Biz


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast. I am so happy to have you here. Today I have a special guest, somebody that I'm very, very excited to introduce you to, his name is Ray Higdon. Ray has been coaching and training social sellers in the network marketing and direct sales world for the last 10 years. Before he started coaching, he was the number one income earner in a direct sales company, where he recruited hundreds of representatives through social media and his company, the Higdon group. Ray has helped representatives and roll over 300,000 customers and recruit 71,000 new reps in just the last three years. He's also a best-selling author and his latest book, time, money freedom. Listen in as Ray shares the 10 rules to radically reshape your life.


• There's a difference between when I got started and when I got really focused. But when I got started, I was actually in real estate and I was focused, me and a partner were focused on buying cash flow, rentals, passive income.Cash flow was something I was very, very focused on and wanting to grow. And then I met someone, my partner actually introduced me to someone who was making a pretty good amount of money through network marketing passively. (1:42)

• I think you can't lead anyone else until you lead yourself. And if you can recognize that, the requirement for the attainment of any goal is to first have the desire to go after it. Then it may help you lead yourself, of course, and lead others as well. A lot of times, especially in network marketing, people will get frustrated because they're trying to lead people to things that they think they should want, but in reality, they don't have that desire. (3:43)

• The first time I spoke in front of a group, which by the way, I was in front of six or seven people that I had worked with for years. My boss asked me, Hey, are you on drugs? That's how bad my first public presentation went. But, I started working on it, I went to Toastmasters, I enrolled in different college courses to get better at speaking, and about maybe a year into the process, I visualize myself speaking on the Vegas strip. (6:56)

• So when I say better time management, many will just take that into consideration for when they're doing their business. So let's say that they do their business 30 minutes a day or an hour a day. So when I say better time management, they'll look at that window and think, How do I get better at the 30 minutes or an hour, what I'm talking about is I'm talking about your entire time management. I'm talking about how much time does someone spends beating themselves up over the things they didn't do. (9:37)

• There's been a lot of buzz around our new book, which is called Time Money Freedom, that's put out by Hay House. It's our first majorly published book, we have several that we self-publish, like the one that you mentioned, Vibration, Money Immersion. Time Money Freedom, both my wife and I wrote, and it really gets pretty deep, shares some very deep lessons in it. (13:55)


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