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Nurturing and Loving Yourself for the Month of Love


Welcome back to The Mindset Chick podcast, I'm so happy to have you here. Today, being that it is the month of February, the month of love, not only the good candy and the roses, but just love, really leading with love, focusing on love, maybe reaching out, nurturing those relationships that you haven't talked to in a long time. Expressing your love, maybe making dinner arrangements for Valentine's day to go out with your love, or maybe just having a really awesome day or month to yourself and showering yourself with love.

This whole month, we're just going to be talking a lot about love, having love for yourself, and in turn, having love for yourself can actually change the world, how? Because changing the world starts with you, and if you're loving yourself more, if you're being kinder to yourself, if you're nurturing that relationship, then your relationships are going to change, the way you show up is going to change too.

Ready to learn more? Let's get started...


• I was talking to my husband about love, and I said, You know, it's so interesting, what we focus on expands and what we give our attention to grows, what if we really focused on sending love out to the world? Just lots and lots of love. Just any time, maybe we saw something that we didn't agree with or maybe we wouldn't have reacted that way, that we just take step back and close our eyes and just say a prayer of God's rich love to just overtake this situation. And just to even visualize, love just being poured over our world and into the heart and focusing on love, love, love, spreading, love being loved, giving love, leading with love, responding with love. (3:15)

• Maybe you call your best friend, or you call your significant other, and now you're telling them this whole story about this a horrible person, and it's going on and on and on, and now the people you've talked to have been sucked into your energy and then they're in agreement, that yes, people are horrible and terrible drivers. And so now this energy, this energy is just projecting and projecting, it's having a cross effect, and then maybe the other driver is doing the same thing, maybe they lash out at their kids or family, friends. But what if you decided, Hey, you know, I'm going to lead with as much love as possible, even when there was difficult people around me. Hey, I'm not saying this is easy, but I challenge myself to do this as well. (6:03)

• Do not allow anybody else's emotions to change my day, because when we do, we actually give the other person power. We're basically saying, Hey, I was in this mindset, I was in this this great mood, and then all of a sudden you cut me off and now you've changed my entire day, that gives the other person power, power over your emotions. But what if you said to yourself, you know what? Oh my gosh, this person almost hit me, I am so grateful that I didn't get in a car wreck, I'm so grateful and thankful that my angels around me are protecting me. (6:58)

• So, one being the most important thing on my to-do list, and five being the least, depending on how many to-do's I have, I number of them, from most important to least important, and then I start on that list. So, I would accomplish number one, and then I'd gone to number two, and if I don't have time to get everything done on that list, I just move it over to the next day. And that's okay, I'm giving myself grace. (12:27)

• So this being the month of love, I really want to encourage you to show yourself some kindness and show yourself some compassion, and give herself a time every day to just have that mental break to just be able to slow down and nurture yourself and love yourself. And not only would you feel better, but you can change the world, you could change the world by being more loving to yourself, which will allow you to be more loving and kind to other people. And that can spread more love and joy to the world. (18:39)


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