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Integrated Energy Therapy/Healing and Why it Works - an Interview with Jillian Laudano


Welcome to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I'm your host Kristi Dear. I'm so happy to have you here, and today, I'm honored to welcome one of my friends and business partners, Jillian Laudano. Jillian is here to talk to us today about energy healing and the importance of being open to receive the energy healing, because that's how it works. We've talked a lot in the previous episode about how everything is energy, everything is connected, and what you put out energetically, not just with your words, but with your energy. That's what comes back to you. So Jillian is a master level integrated energy Therapy Practitioner. She's a Transformational Life Coach, light worker, energy healer, speaker, YouTuber, that's where she teaches her energetic healing modalities such as EFT, tapping and meditation, as well as online workshops. She holds a degree in communications with a minor in Psychology in photography. We are also on the same team, and she is a beauty rep for a plant-based beauty and wellness company like myself, she's a licensed cosmetologist and host of Thursday talks, weekly live talk shows that highlights amazing and innovative people who are making a difference.

Join us and listen in...


• So you initially start with, you do a heart link with your angels and you kind of connect your channel and you're channeling the energy is what you're doing, and when you do it on yourself, you go through all of the integration points, because another thing about integrated energy therapy is it is a hands-on approach. Whereas other healing modalities, you kind of offer the hands over so you could do these same points on yourself, and I have healed some amazing things. (5:50)

• It's very similar to when people do prayer groups or prayer circles or things of that nature, or when people have miraculous recoveries and there's really no explanation, a lot of these things are people sending energy to other people and they do receive it, and earlier what you've said about having to be open and receiving to get the energy that is true in a sense, but I also, I personally feel like we have a spiritual savings account. (9:05)

• Just very relaxing. Usually the practitioner in the very beginning of the session will ask, is there anything that you're wanting to let go of, or is there anything on your heart or in your mind to help the client set an intention, because with it, the catch phrase is it gets the issues out of the tissues, and it works at a cellular level, so our bodies store so much, they store so many memories and so many feelings, and it helps to release these and integrate new feelings. (12:00)

• Every time you think of somebody and then they call you, or when you think of somebody, maybe let me replace that, when you think of somebody and they call you... That exchange in energy. You're not with the person. This happens to me all the time. I don't know if it happens to you, but I feel like I think of somebody in bam, they call for these little nuances that happen in our life, and if you think about it, that is energy transferring in the simplest of forms. (17:05)


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