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Mandy Morris: How to Create the Reality of Your Dreams


Episode 91: Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I am so happy to have you here, I'm your host Kristi Dear. Today I have a very special guest, someone who I'm very excited to introduce you to! Her name is Mandy Morris. Mandy is the creator of authentic living, an online company designed to help individuals reconnect with their authentic selves to find purpose, peace and deep healing. Mandy and her brands have been featured in Shape, Mind, Body Green and Thrive Global. Listen as Mandy shares with us how to create the reality of our dreams.

Ready? Let's go...


• I've noticed that manifestation has gotten a bad rap in the sense that most folks think that manifesting is a one-way street, it is something that you do intentionally. What I've noticed is that manifesting is something we're doing all the time, like it or not, it is our communication system with our environment. And so counter-manifesting is keeping that in mind that, yes, we are in fact always creating our reality, the piece of the counter is we're just not aware of how we're doing it, or why we're not getting what we want. And so even though we might consciously say that we want to create something that's beautiful and wonderful and we deserve, there's a part of us that's countering that energy saying, We can't have it, we're unworthy of it, or in some way, subconsciously sabotage it. (01:50)

• So I call them rule boxes, and I imagine... I'm a pretty visual person, so hopefully this still works in podcast form, but I imagine a bunch of different boxes and they have different rules in them, and you can have a box on relationships, you could have a box on purpose work, a box on finding your soul mate, becoming a billionaire. Whatever everybody wants. And it's filled with things, again, from the past typically, and so I always imagine taking a knife and cutting open that box and saying, what is inside of it, if I am trying to get here and here is not where I currently am. Then, what are my rules on who I have to be to get there? Which usually are incorrect, by the way. And what is the path that I think I have to take? Which also typically is incorrect. And when we start questioning why we live through the rules that we live by... Man, it gets so interesting because you see, Oh, no wonder these things haven't come to fruition, I have rules that are literally causing me to run around in circles, I used to do it with success. (05:38)

• So dense energy, it's this whole process and this understanding I had years ago where I was looking at... I used to study... My background is actually in Neuroscience and Psychology, and I'm a total geek. So teaching manifestation, I was like, I'm going to teach this very spiritual thing? And the universe is like, Yes, you will! I wanted to bring a lot of background into it that made logical left brain sense and so I noticed that from a vibrational level, scientifically speaking, on low end of things, although that's faster information anyhow, but from a scientific standpoint, everybody has a frequency, all things have what I call a frequency signature. We are all vibrating, and all things, including thoughts and traumas and experiences and all that stuff, they all are vibrating at a certain frequency, but if it's dense, meaning it comes from fear, scarcity, not enough-ness, shame and guilt, and you can literally just Google an emotional chart and you'll see the actual vibration that all of these different emotions or feelings exist upon. And so I thought about you know, if I'm sitting there manifesting what I want out of unworthiness, because then I'll be good enough, or because then I won't be alone, or maybe then everyone will love me or something like that. That's coming from a really dense and slow, literally a slow vibration, which means that the matter that comes into contact with that vibration is going to move more slowly, therefore it's not going to manifest itself if at all, very, very slowly. But when we use these higher and less dense, vibrational emotions like love, excitement, joy, gratitude, all of those that intentional energy allows for matter to become made manifest that much more quickly, because everything is literally moving at a faster rate. (09:32)

• So the most simplistic thing, and this is something that I talk about because it's so easy to just spark the process, I call it creating energetic check-ins. It's basically an essence building awareness of where you're currently at, because unless you know where you are, you don't know how far you need to go to get where you're trying to... Know the destination if you will. And so creating energetic check-ins is, it could be an hour... Or every hour, I'm sorry. It could be three times a day, whatever feels right to someone. I always say do not judge yourself when you start hearing what you're really feeling and what you're really saying to yourself, this is all feedback, don't get emotional, get curious. But you're doing these check-ins every so often saying, Okay, what am I truly feeling right now? And if you can go step further, why? What triggered me in the past hour since my last check-in? I was feeling good then or... Wow, I'm realizing that, of course, my life feels the way it does most often when I'm doing these check-ins, I don't like the way that I feel or I feel dense energy. (12:51)

• And so I've noticed, and I tell folks this, when you wake up, keep that phone away from you for at least a half hour. If you can do an hour or longer, that would be amazing because you're priming your brain for distraction and... What's another word for? Distraction and chaos. And when we feel chaotic, our energy feels all over the place. So I always tell folks, have a morning routine where you clear, even if it's just for five minutes, chill for a moment. Breathe in the day, set an intention. What's the day going to look like? And how are you going to choose to ensure that that intention is what you follow regardless of whatever it is that shows up? And you're coming into your energetic field as your own... So you know what you're coming to the table with so that when additional frequencies are being felt or different energy or people or whatever you want to call it, then you can do something a little bit productive with it because you've been more proactive versus so reactive. (16:15)

ABOUT MANDY MORRIS Mandy is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, manifestation expert, and the creator of Authentic Living, an online company designed to help individuals reconnect with their authentic selves to find purpose, peace, and deep healing. Mandy and her brands have been featured in media outlets that include Shape, Mind Body Green, The Chalkboard, BuzzFeed, Well + Good, and Thrive Global, as well as on notable podcasts including The Jenny McCarthy Show, Your Own Magic, and Hungry for Happiness.



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