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Love Yourself Through Gratitude - With My Daughter Brittney


Welcome back to The Mindset Chick podcast, I'm so happy to have you here. Today is a really, really, really special day because I have my oldest daughter, Britney Dear here with me, and I'm going to be talking about body positivity.

In this gratitude series about really loving yourself and loving your body, we talked about how powerful water is the way you speak to water and how you speak to yourself, and your body is made up of water, so what happens inside? When you speak to yourself a certain way, it can change the molecular structure of your inner being.

Ready? Let's get started...


• The thing that I do is remind myself of what we are saying, but we are so much more than the outside, so we are our bones, we are our heart, our digestive system, our lungs, our skin, we are everything. We're not just what we look like on the outside and how we look at photos, and I think a lot of times we focus to all the imperfections, like, Oh, for me, I think my shoulders are abroad or for other people, they're too short, too tall, too big too small, and we're always focusing on that and we're forgetting how much is going on inside our bodies and how hard our bodies are working to keep us alive and to keep us healthy. (6:29)

• I think what has a really big impact in the movies is, men are super big and buff and strong, and the women are really petite, curvy and beautiful. And I think we grow up with that in media. So Mom, you didn't have social media, but you had movies and TV, so you're seeing these people and you're like, that is what I'm suppose to look like, I'm supposed to have clear skin, perfectly curled hair and have muscles and be strong and six foot two as a guy, but that's not the case at all. (8:45)

• I know one thing that my friend actually said to me, we were kinda joking about that roll, I guess, when you sit down and your stomach, it's all bunched up, but she mentioned how it's important to appreciate those. And I was like, Why? Why would I appreciate that? And she's like, Well, your body's story, and your body doesn't know any better, you know it's taking in food, it's storing it to protect you, it's taking care of you, so I think we just forget that all of these things that we sometimes don't like about ourselves. Our body's just doing the best it can, and so, yeah, once again, turning that like... Okay, thank you body. Thank you for taking care of me. I don't need this, you can let go, but also thank you, thank you for keeping the storage to protect me. (10:45)

• I have people that I know that almost use working out as a punishment. Yeah, and it's kind of sad to see because working out is so good for you. It's so good for you. It's so healthy for you. Overdoing it is unhealthy. Punishing yourself with it is definitely unhealthy, but using it daily, to use it as to get stress or to get healthier and build more muscle, that's healthy and it's good for you. So, when you start working on a punishment or like, Oh, I don't want to work out today. And that could be assigned to that. Maybe you're not doing a workout that you enjoy, I think the thing about working out, there is a workout for everyone. Dancing, swimming, running, Boot Camp, just walking. If working out is really hard to do for you, then maybe experiment, have some fun with that. Look at it like it's a fun hobby to get into. (18:17)

• Shine your light bright, my dear, because you're amazing and you're changing the world and you're only 20. I think you're just absolutely wonderful. Thanks Mom, it's hard at this age and in the age of social media and everything is about appearance. I talked about that earlier today, at my age, a lot of things are about appearances. You're young, you're youthful, you should be getting out there, you should be at your prime, you know what I mean? You're not going to get these years back. It's just a lot of, find a guy, find a girl, it's just a lot of appearance. And so that's a big thing too, but it's also, just embrace the way you look, there's nothing wrong with you. And when you feel like that, or something else I was going to say before we wrap this up, when you feel like that, I believe is how other people treat you, so when you show up with that confidence, when you hold your shoulders back. When you show up with I am beautiful just the way I am, people respond to that energy and they see you in that light too. (26:25)


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