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Lizzy Cangro: Shut Up Your Inner Mean Girl


Episode 97: Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I am so happy to have you here, I'm your host Kristi Dear. Today we have a very special guest, somebody that I'm very excited to introduce you to. Her name is Lizzy Cangro. Lizzy is an author, nutritionist and wellness coach. She grew up in the same way that many women in the western world do, consistently criticizing her own body and withholding food. Bad advise from non-experts resulted in an eating disorder for Lizzie that lasted for 10 years. However, after much inner work, Lizzie finally achieved unconditional love for her body, where she speaks about it more in her new book, Reclaim The Rebel.

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• I like to think the first step is to actually acknowledge our inner mean girl and say, okay, well, thank you for trying to keep me safe, I'm aware of you and have that awareness. Because some of those are so out of touch with what our brains are actually telling us, it becomes very automatic, those negative thoughts that pop into our brain from our inner mean girl, they can feel very natural and very ingrained in our days. But as I say, they're not always aligned to feeling good, so the first step is to really create that acknowledgement of, I hear you, I see you, but this isn't making feel good. And then the second step is really to find a story or a belief that is more aligned to us feeling good, because as I like to say to people, what we choose to put into our brains is very similar to what we choose to wear in the morning, right? (02:08)

• It's so easy to try and stuff down our emotions because, either through society or tough upbringing, we're kind of conditioned to be strong or not show those emotions, there's negative emotions and inverted comments. But in doing so, it's actually counter-productive, because as you say, sometimes those emotions or thoughts are coming up so that we can address them and we can grow and evolve and transform our mindset, and by just stuffing them down what we're really doing is we're just kind of enabling the same patterns to repeat themselves. And actually what I found is that our inner mean girl is kind of like a toddler, the more you ignore her, the more she screams. (06:48)

• So I think that's a really, really great point in switching the way that we talk about ourselves, the way that we talk about how we nourish our bodies. Diet is a four letter word that I don't really resonate with. And being able to nourish our bodies and trust our gut is very important to me. And the reason why that is, is because the diet industry is yet another source, in addition to our inner mean girl, with this limiting belief that we're not good enough... Right? So we have a diet industry saying, Take our supplements, do our program, lose weight, eat more healthily, and then you'll be good enough. And then that works in tandem with our own inner mean girl that's saying, You're not good enough. And really, it sets up a very negative cycle always needing to be in the diet industry in order to sell good enough. But you're never going to feel good enough, because they're always going to be trying to sell you a product. (10:27)

• I feel like we try and make things harder than they actually are, so something like that is such an easy and powerful tool that we can use to start to tune into our bodies and really consider, Is this something that my body is asking for? Is this something but I think it's all sinful or I'm using as, I don't know, a way of numbing out or expressing another emotion that I have? So, I think that's a great tool. I really like the idea of reading our hunger on a scale of one to 10, because everybody's kind of gauge is going to be different. But if we do have our own way of knowing, Okay, so I'm feeling a little bit hungry, I'm at about a five. I can start maybe thinking about eating something in the next hour versus being absolutely starving and not actually listening to our body, and that's something that we can just practice over time, just implement and it's personalized to us. (13:32)

• We could take the burger and change it to a turkey patty and just kind of make these small swaps that change the nutritional value of our meal so that we don't feel deprived. But we're also feeding our body with all of the nutrients that we need. And again, it's not necessarily saying that we always have to choose the healthiest option or that we always have to choose the less healthy option, it's kind of, again, being in tune with what your body needs and making the choice that is right to you, and I love how earlier you were talking about really it is a choice and taking responsibility for how we nourish our bodies, it is so, so important. And, just actually enjoying the food... that many of us just hate what are we doing, and I'm a nutritionist and I dislike green salad. And so that's not going to make me happy. (16:27)


Lizzy is an author, nutritionist, and wellness coach. She grew up in the same way that many women in the western world do - constantly criticizing her own body and withholding food. Naivety and bad advice from non-experts resulted in an eating disorder for Lizzy that lasted for ten years. However, after much inner work, Lizzy finally achieved unconditional love for her body, and her upcoming book Reclaim the Rebel reveals just that.



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EPISODE AIRED ON: August 09, 2022

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