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Letting Go of the Mental Junk That Holds Us Back


Welcome back to The Mindset Chick Podcast! Today, we're going to be talking about how to clear any fear, self doubt, worry, and feel really, really good about your goals and what you desire to manifest. This is absolutely possible.

So how do we start doing that? Well, we have to start clearing any self-defeating stories, any stories that aren't in alignment with what we want to manifest and with what we want to create. We have to start getting into the subconscious mind, the programming that drives us.

Ready to learn more? Let's get started...


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• We have to clear out, like I mentioned before, any past stories that don't serve us and that are blocking us and holding us back, you know, making us think, Hey, if I share my ideas, maybe I could get called out and made fun of. Maybe that was something that happened in the past, but it doesn't have to be our future. (3:30)

• So everything in this world is energy. Okay? The chair I'm sitting on is energy. This desk is energy. Everything in this world is energy. Our thoughts and feelings are energetic vibration. So every time we're having a thought, every time we're having a feeling, we're energetically sending that out to the world. (4:16)

• We have to become that we have to become the vibrational match to what we're asking for. Everything has a different frequency. So like love and joy is going to have it different, energetic frequency then hate and anger, right? So it's us tuning our energy to match what we desire. (6:04)

• We have to tell ourselves a story that's going to support us and where we're going and let go of any non-supportive stories. So the first step and how we do this is awareness, awareness that we could be holding onto things that are blocking us. (7:31)

• Imagine like a stream flow of abundance. It's just flowing to you. All of your desires. It's wanting to flow to you, but it's us standing in the way, because some way, some how, we don't believe that it's possible. So knowing that, being aware of it, asking yourself why five times is starting to get to the root of that belief. (11:25)


SEPTEMBER 29, 2020

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