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Jillian Laudano: Become a Magnet to Your Desires By Having More Fun


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast. I am so happy to have you here. And today we have a very special guest, I consider her one of my best friend, Jillian Laudano. Jillian is a master level integrated energy therapy® practitioner, transformational life coach, lightworker, energy healer, and she's one of my business partners too. I am having her back on this episode because we're going to be talking about manifesting and how to have more fun, finding more joy in your everyday life, how this can allow you to manifest more miracles and blessings and really become a magnet to your goals.

Ready? Let's go...


• Normally when people manifest, they're trying to manifest things that they want, things that are going to make them happy. So the reason it's so important to get into this high vibe when you're manifesting is because you have to raise your energy, to raise your vibration, in order to attract the things that you ultimately want in your life. We're manifesting all the time, whether we realize it or not, and depending on where your vibration falls, some people who are in a very low vibration, they continue to see things that they don't want to show up in their life... That's manifesting as well. (2:15)

• One thing that I love, and I highly recommend anyone listening, if you love to laugh, it's my favorite thing to do every night before bed, my husband and I will watch TV for just maybe a half hour hour tops, if that... Maybe not every night, but almost every night. We always put on comedy, we go on to Netflix or Amazon Prime or whatever, and we always watch a stand-up comedian and we laugh so hard. And it's the last thing we do before we go to bed. So I really, really find time every day to do things that I enjoy, and it kind of balances all the things do you have to do in a day. Because if you get stuck in that, what I have to do all day, you can kinda start getting a lower vibration because you're feeling like you have to do all of these things. So if you combine it with things you enjoy, your day is just so much more fun. (4:50)

• I like to start my day in silence, so other people might like to meditate to a guided meditation, which I have in my YouTube Channel. I personally come down in the morning in silence and I do some deep breathing, and it may only be for five minutes, in through my nose, out through my mouth, it really kind of quiets my mind. I sit in that for a moment, and I'm very aware of my surroundings. When my body feels anything that I'm thinking about, a lot of people think meditation means you have to clear your mind completely, it doesn't always necessarily mean that, it could just be a moment to balance and to reflect. It could be whatever you want it to be, there's no right or wrong way. I typically do it in silence, and it's a really nice way for me to just ease into my day really graceful. (6:30)

• I cannot stress to you enough how much this did not look like it was going to happen, and it kind of almost felt like a pipe dream at first, I was going, it's never going to work. But I decided I'm going to put it out there and I'm going to literally just let go. I'm going to let go of resistance around the outcome, and I'm going to have fun with it. And I really did. I started, like you said, with the visualization, I was visualizing like what this was going to be like when it happened, and I started getting me really excited thinking, it happened to other people before, why wouldn't it happen to me? And I started really getting into a different energetic space versus, Oh my God, this doesn't look like it's going to happen, that would lower my vibration. (10:42)

• I think having fun is the key factor... Yes, and it's more fun to have fun, and there's a chapter in Gabby Bernstein's book, I think it's Super Attractor, and it says... It's good to feel good. She talks about feeling good and how that helps with manifestation. Yeah, and I also heard before like if... Let's say you want a new car. A lot of times we think, Okay, we want a new car. This is how much it's going to cost. This is how much I've just spent. These are the payments, this is how I'm going to get a car, I'm going to drive to the dealership, get a loan or pay cash or whatever. But we're blocking ourselves too, because we could win a car, the income could come to us, we could manifest the money as a gift. I love that you just said, there's infinite possibilities. So when we're trying to map it out in a sense, control how it's going to show up. I think that a lot of people may not even realize that, Hey, you just said they limit themselves to infinite possibilities. (15:43)


Jillian is a Master Level Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner, Transformational Life Coach, Lightworker, Energy Healer, Speaker, Youtuber- where she teaches energetic healing modalities such as EFT Tapping and Meditation, as well as online workshops. She holds a degree in Communications with minors in Psychology and Photography. She is a biz partner with a plant based beauty and wellness company, and a Licensed Cosmotologist.



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