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Jennifer Caldwell: From Corporate America to Creating a Freedom Based Biz


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast. Today I am excited to share my special guest, Jennifer Caldwell. Jennifer retired from a successful Corporate America job and Real Estate career after embracing her entrepreneurial spirit with a new business opportunity. As a single mom of two (one of them graduated from college) she jumped all in, scared of the unknown of this new company. But with her faith and hustle she has helped create a multi-million dollar business and impacted thousands of lives, all while creating a life of freedom!

Let's get started...


• A friend introduced me to it, and the products really helped me with my skin. I was actually working a corporate job and decided to start that on the side, and then life happened and I got married and pregnant really quick, and we actually got laid off from my job, so I ended up working that business full-time and was able to stay home with my now 16-year-old, when she was a baby for two and a half years, and I worked that business for about four years. It was a really great experience. (2:11)

• So providing for our girls now, my youngest is 16 and just being able to pay cash for a car for her birthday in March. I own two homes, and to be able to share this opportunity and help other people that also need the income. I'll send the products and change their lives. And then it's created a freedom-based lifestyle that I wouldn't change for anything. (5:05)

• I'm excited. It's like they talk about the scarcity in the abundance mindset, and with this opportunity you're able to dream so much bigger and not be able to worry about just paying your mortgage payment on one house. You get out of that and you're like, Well, wait, I can actually own multiple homes that bring in an income, but also travel to those homes, and so it's got me in that mindset now where, it's opened up this whole world of, Wait, I can do this. (6:12)

• And if you can push through that, there's so much more to experience and achieve. Absolutely. So what would you say the number one tip for anybody wanting to go for a goal or dream, but feeling nervous to take the leap or really go for it? Well, the first thing I think of what that question Kristi, is, and I remember somebody telling me this in the beginning, somebody that was supportive. And he said, Anything worth having that can be this good is going to be scary. If it wasn't scary, everybody would do it. (12:09)

• What is the worst thing that could happen? Honestly, let's say I enroll and I decided I don't like it. Or, I decide whatever, nobody's going to come chase me down, this is my business. The worst that's going to happen is I'm going to have a box of great products for a good price, period. So, it's like you want to go into it with more of a commitment than that, but that's how I kinda got through my mindset, I was like, Okay, so you're over-thinking this. You know it's the right thing to do. Of course, it's going to be scary, just jump in and do it. (15:53)


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