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Introduction into EFT - Tapping into Abundance


Welcome back to The Mindset Chick Podcast. Today we're going to be talking about EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, or what I like to call tapping. It's a technique that you can do anywhere, so basically, it's like acupuncture without the needle, you're using your finger tips to tap on different meridians in your body to release blockages, and then when these blocks are released, the energy is released. It allows you to become more in alignment with the energy vibration that you what to manifest and attract.

So basically, EFT is just clearing emotional pain, trauma, it's an emotional freedom technique just like Hoʻoponopono, releasing, forgiving, clearing space.  It's the same thing, except you don't have to have needles in your body. It's acupuncture without the needles. You're tapping on parts of your face, on your arm, your chest, your head, different meridian points on your body, you're saying mantras and you're letting go of the old stories. Then you're speaking life into your new  life story.

Let's get started...


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•   I was reading about how the authors in there were creating their manifestations, they were allowing their manifestations in because they were shifting this energy and they swear by EFT and how it was transforming their lives. And I thought, Well, why not? I had people calling in asking me if I did EFT, so obviously people want this practice... Obviously, it's working for people. And so why not?  (5:22)

•   Maybe it's something that you're struggling with, so I do this or I do that, or should I go this way, or so a go this way, or, sorry, tell this person this, or should I tell this person that? But then all of a sudden you're doing tapping, you're clearing that, any energy, any blocks, and you get this divine downloaded and all of a sudden you're like, I have so much clarity. I know exactly the way I should be doing something amazing shows up in your life to support you on your journey for your manifestation. (9:00)

•    I used to visualize him having that dream job, I used to sit in my morning mindset practice and not only visualize for myself, I visualized for him too, and I would see the number on the check come across and I would visualize it going into the bank account, and I would visualize him maxing out on his bonuses, and I would visualize him getting a promotion and down to the tea of him coming in and saying, Oh my gosh, 'guess what I got? I got the promotion!' (11:30)

•     I just had this dream in my heart that where I felt like God wanted me to, I just felt this pulling of my heart strings, and maybe you feel like that too, that there is more out there that we're not meant to struggle, that my hubby and I are not meant to be passing ships, that we're not meant to suffer and just feel like there's all this crap going on in our lives and that we're in the struggle bus every single day. (15:37)

•    I love to have more friends in school, I'm just going to manifest it. I would love to have that career, I'm just going to manifest it. I would love to have that loving relationship. Alright, I'm just going to manifest it.(18:18)


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