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How to Triumph Through Adversity with Julia Erman


Episode 89: Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I am so happy to have you here, I'm your host Kristi Dear. Today I have a very special guest! I'm super excited for her to come on here and share her touching and inspiring the story, it's a story of overcoming some hardships, just being so resilient and being such a light in the world, she's on my team in this beauty business, her name is Julia Erman, Julia is a proud wife, business owner and mama to two special needs babies with a strong calling. She loves homemade bread, cinnamon rolls and pop corn. She said goodbye to carbs after she recovered from cervical cancer in 2020 and never looked back. She is most well known for how she inspires many people to live a life they love no matter their circumstances. As she walked through life pregnant with cancer and started going through chemo, so many people were amazed, but for her, she was doing the to take life as it came and just trying to thrive.

Listen in to this conversation with this amazing woman!


• It's really funny when I go back because as you were speaking, I was literally visualizing myself in that moment, and just to give a little bit of history to everybody, so before I started this business, I actually worked in the child care industry, I coached leaders all of the world... And I ran a very large child care center. I would have said at the time that it was my dream job, I loved what I did, I got to coach teachers and directors and owners on how to run a better business, and I love that job. But here's the thing, we became parents, and we expected that I would just be able to go back to work like every other mom that I knew or I'd make a decision to stay at home. Right? And we had our beautiful baby girl, she was born, and we brought her home from the hospital, and she was acting a little bit funny, and I never really thought anything of it because I never expected to have a sick child, I knew nobody who had a sick child and he start acting funny. When we woke up in the morning, we decided we're going to take her into the hospital. As soon as the doctor looked at our two-day old baby, she stopped breathing. (02:53)

• So to see her jump on live video and start doing beauty tutorials, kind of blew my mind. And I remember sitting on my couch thinking, just really feeling ready to do something other than changing diapers and dealing with a feeding tube. But it's like you feed your baby and then you put them down for a nap and then diapers, I felt like I was in this Ground Hog Day and I was really feeling ready to do something for myself maybe, and I was watching her and I was thinking, You know, I'm going to jump in with her and do this thing, but not because I want to do a beauty business, but because whatever training she has, I need, and I'm going to take that training. I'm going to start my own business and I'm going to run my own business. I'm not sure what that is, but I knew that I wanted what she had. I jumped into this business in a time when I really felt like I was ready to have a new challenge in my life, I never ever imagined doing the business... As far as shampoo's concerned. Okay? I just... Honestly, literally at the time, I had shampoo, probably Suave and conditioner, and that's it. I did not do my hair, I don't do make up, I'm not a beauty girl, okay? So I jumped into this business, I found out I was pregnant with baby number two, and then I sat on the carpet in that same living room where I sat on the couch, and I knew I wanted to jump into this business, and I got told that I was diagnosed with cancer, my whole world in a flipped upside down in that moment. (05:32)

• So we're in a crazy life stage right now where we're planning to move across country, and I was getting together with a few of the girls who are local here today for a coffee, and the gal came up to me and she just told me... She's like, I just want you to know that you are so inspiring, the way that you share your story, it just encourages me every single day, and this gal, I don't do my business with this gal, I don't hang out with her all the time on a personal level, but she's watching. And I think that we discount the fact that people are always watching, whether it's on social media or in person, and we have a decision to make. I remember very early on when we were sitting in that NICU. One of my friends was telling me her story about being in the NICU with her child, and she said... I knew in that moment that I had a decision to make. How this story would be told. And I think about that all the time. Do I want the story to be told that I laid on the couch sick and did nothing with the story of cancer, the circumstance of cancer that God gave me, or do I want to stand boldly and say... Yeah, I showed up. Yeah, I cried. (10:03)

• It just reminds me of the fact that words are so powerful. I remember when we had our second child who was also born with the same disorder that our first child has... We didn't know at the time, because she wasn't diagnosed yet. But we had these two kids and they have a very rare genetic disorder, that they'll die from. And I remember somebody on our team pointed out to me a word that I kept using, and the word was nightmare. And I remember thinking, that's how I saw my life. I have two kids who I'm going to bury. That's a nightmare. And I would say it over and over in my stories when I should have on social media, I would say in person, I'd say to my husband, This is a nightmare, these kids are a nightmare, and she pointed out this word to me... And it really caught my eye because that's how I really saw it. But I was speaking it so much that it was really occurring that way. And ever since I've shifted my mindset to this gratitude practice, every single morning reminding myself of what I'm thankful for... And by the way, one of the things that I have on mine is I'm so thankful and grateful that Russell is happy. He's a baby who cries a lot, but I am saying that I'm available for him to turn a corner. (16:34)

• Yeah, it's funny that you mentioned that verse. So the morning that we found out that we got the house, my husband woke up, well, we found out in the afternoon. But my husband woke up, he was reading his Bible and he read that verse and he came down to the breakfast table, and he looked at me and he goes, You'll never guess the verse that popped up today, and he shared that verse, ask and you shall receive... And he's like, We got to pray. So as a family, we all held hands with our two little crazy kids, and we prayed that, and he said when he was praying... He knew. He knew in his heart, he was like, God's going to give us this. And then we found out hours later on that afternoon that we got the house. But it's true, I think that often we're afraid to ask for things. As I was standing in this house looking around and I was literally seeing every single Pinterest picture that I have cut out and every single magazine that I've cut out and I'm just weeping. Thinking, This is too much, this is too much. I'm undeserving. Like you were saying, But that's not the God that we serve, so it's like he wants to give us good gifts, but we have to ask for them. (21:31)

ABOUT JULIE Julia Erman Is a proud wife, business owner, and mama to two special babies with a strong calling. She loves homemade bread, cinnamon rolls, and popcorn, but she said goodbye to carbs after she recovered from cervical cancer in 2020 and never looked back.

She’s most well known for how she inspired many to live a life they love no matter their circumstances. When she walked through life pregnant with cancer and started going through chemo, many were amazed, but for her, she was doing the do, taking life as it came and just trying to thrive.

Before she started her business in the social selling realm, she was a director of a large preschool and after-school program. She absolutely loved her job, but after becoming a mom, she had to pivot. The lifestyle just didn’t fit like before.

Now she’s a coach, inspiring and encouraging women to build beautiful lives as they generate a thriving income through social selling. Never in a million years did she see herself doing anything like this but she believes it’s more rewarding than anyone would ever think. It’s actually invigorating.



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