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How to Show Up Confidently to Attract the Right Business Partners and Customers with Tiffany Wynn


Episode 93: Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I am so happy to have you here, I'm your host Kristi Dear. Today we have a very special guest, somebody who I'm very excited to introduce you to, Tiffany Wynn. Tiffany is a girl mama, top network marketing leader, an online business coach who built her six figure empire in less than a year. She helps women build their own empire, work for themselves and slay the game by banking on one simple thing, their confidence. Her podcast Cash In On Confidence just recently ranked in the top 200 of entrepreneurship podcasts and the U S.

Ready? Let's go...


• So many times people get stuck in that cycle and they don't understand like why their business isn't growing, why their life isn't where they want it to be. And they don't even realize that it's because maybe they're lacking that confidence. And they're repeating the mantra of self doubt and living in that. Oh, yeah, for sure. And I think there's just such an emphasis on the do of entrepreneurship and building a business, especially on social media. You know, show up more, post more, do the content, all of those things. And while those things are really important and yes, you have to take action and you have to do, I think there's really such a lack of people showing up and being like, Hey, this other part of it, the mindset part, is really, really important too. (02:44)

• I was one of those people for awhile. I was one of the people who really didn't think that personal development was that important. And I remember, you know, having leaders that would, you know, suggest podcasts or different books to read and things like that. And I'm like, I don't have time for that. You know, like really just pushing it to the side and thinking like, I just need to keep doing the things. And I think there's also that side of where people are like, be consistent, just keep showing up. I feel like I was doing all the things I was working myself to death really. And truly, like I was working so hard and I got to that burnout place where I was just like, I don't understand why I'm not seeing results. Like, I don't understand. I'm doing everything everyone's telling me to do. I'm putting all the action in. And finally, I feel when I was like, okay, let me actually get this personal development thing a shot, that's when everything just shifted. (04:42)

• It was who is Tiffany? What do I love about myself? And how can I magnetize those things?. How can I shine those things brighter about myself? Knowing that, of course I'm going to have flaws. And of course, there's going to be things about myself that I'm going to have to be constantly working on and improving. But the things that I feel like are really special about me, what can I do to share those things in a bigger, bolder, and brighter way? And so that's really where I started with showing up with more confidence. It was looking at myself, taking that inner look at me and just seeing how I could show more of me, because I think what I was doing before was I was shrinking myself because I was like, well, I don't have what she had. (07:51)

• I used to think that I was unlikable and I routed that back to an experience that I had in middle school. And I was just like, wow, like this one experience that I had as a child, it made me think this thing about myself, for the majority of the rest of my life. And then I just decided like, why do I think that? Is that really actually true? Is it really actually true that I am unlikeable? And I was like, no, I get to be likable. People love me. I get to show up and be someone that people really enjoys being in my world and being in my space. And so I started to show up like that. And I think before, because I had this subconscious belief that I was unlikable, I was showing up in ways that made me unlikable. It was like the self fulfilling prophecy. And I think that's what we do a lot of times is we have these thoughts that we pick up from, you know, our childhood or from media, or just different things. (10:12)

• And I like to think of results and success as your energy times your effort. And so the energy that you put out multiplied by the effort that you're putting in is what you're going to receive, is the output that you're going to get. And I think that a lot of people are only focused on the effort. They're only focused on working hard. They're only focused on doing the do, like you said, and the energy piece is lost, and they're like, oh, but I'm sending the messages, I'm making the posts, I'm doing all the things. And it's like, but what kind of energy are you doing that from? Are you doing that from a feeling of lack and feeling like, oh, I'm going to send this message, but they're probably not going to respond? Or like, oh, I'm going to make this post about my business opportunity, but nobody's probably going to see it, or no one's going to care? You know, kind of having that energy behind it, like that is felt. But when you show up and you're showing up competently and you're excited about it, and you're like, oh my gosh, I'm so excited, you know, about this business opportunity! And I'm really wanting to bring some women in here who are ready to go! People feel that difference. (13:35)


Tiffany Wynn is a wife, girl mom and reformed people pleaser who built a multiple 6-figure network marketing empire and coaching business by capitalizing on one thing…confidence.

Tiffany claimed her ambition and instead of letting her business overwork her, she took her biggest limiting beliefs and made them her superpower to create a life and business that went from striving to thriving. She created Soul Systems™️ and strategies that connected to her soul goals so she could ditch the hustle and grind for grit and grace and build a business that not only filled her bank account but her heart, soul and purpose too.

The same girl that swore she was unlikeable now leads a team of over 3,500 women doing millions of dollars in sales a year. She got bold with her belief, fierce with her faith and started taking audacious aligned action and she’s now on a mission to show other women who may be doubting their potential or dimming their light how they can use their unique gifts and strengths to glow up, show up, and blow up, too!


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