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How to Navigate Your Anger and Frustrations


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I am so happy to have you here. I'm your host Kristi Dear. Today we're going to be talking about anger and frustration, and what to do when you're feeling them. These feelings can actually support you in your path. Can you believe it? You really can! Listen in to learn how to guide them, why they're coming up and a few healthy ways that you can release anger or get to the root of it. Find out why you're angry or why these emotions are coming up in the first place, you don't have to feel guilty or shame yourself, but use it as fuel and as a guide.

Ready? Let's go...


• Everybody has emotions, everybody feels angry, sad, frustrated, happy, blissful, joyful. We all have these emotions, it's human nature, and I feel like it's been really shamed upon a lot for people to be angry or get upset. And therefore people suppress it and to press it and suppress it, they don't want to show it. So maybe behind closed doors is when they blow up at a loved one, when they blow up at their kids, because around other people, they want to seem nice and happy and kind, and you know, I'm not angry, who me? (02:37)

• I don't want to feel this way, or I'm going to let go of saying... 'I just like you every day or you're ugly, you're fat like, I'm going to let that go, or... You can't amount to anything. I'm going to stop saying those things to myself, I'm going to let it all out, I'm going to let go, and I'm going to clear, clear, clear. I'm going to do the Hoʻoponopono, I'm going to forgive myself, I'm going to forgive people along the way who have upset me, who have triggered me who have allowed me to get angry and frustrated and maybe done things that I didn't want to do. (05:12)

• And I'm not saying it's okay to just start cussing somebody out and being aggressive with somebody when you're angry, but... You know what I'm saying? Somebody's losing their cool, just give them compassion and maybe say a little prayer for them, God go into their heart and really help them and to lead with love and know that you don't have to be angry to get their way... That's another thing too. I think a lot of times it's a practice, some people were taught growing up, to get my way, I have to be angry. (08:10)

• Don't take anything personally. That's one of the four agreements. Don't take anything personally, really? it's not always easy to do. But you'll live a much more freer life if you can just kind of shrug that off. Like, Oh wow. What's wrong with them? Right? I want to read you something, 'What if everything around you isn't quite as it seems, what if all the world you think you know is an elaborate dream, and if you look at your reflection, is that all you want to be? What if you could look right through the cracks, would you find yourself afraid to see?' Okay, so that if you don't recognize it, is a Nine Inch Nails song, one of my favorite songs. I was on my run the other day and that song popped on and I thought, Well, you know how sometimes you hear lyrics and you're like, Well, that really struck me with the conversation we're having today in the theme of this marked with anger and frustration, and it really got me thinking, what if everything... There's two parts actually. What if everything is a Dream? You know, it's a story in your head, like we've talked about, everything has to do with what you're thinking about, what you're believing in... You believe that the world is terrible, life sucks and you die, and then that's how your world is. But if you believe there's prosperity, abundance and good people out there, then you will see more of that, right? (14:16)


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