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How to Multiply Money


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast. I am so happy to have you here. Starting today, and through the rest of this series, we're going to be talking about manifesting more money, how to multiply your income. If you want to multiply your money, if you want to receive more income, if you want to receive money in expected and unexpected ways, then I want you to get excited right now, I want you to get super excited because this series is going to be so fun! I'm going to share with you the money mindset, this allowed me and my clients, my team members, to manifest more money. I'm going to also have special guests on here talking about how they started manifesting more money and got out of basically racks to riches, living paycheck to paycheck and feeling like they never had enough money, to creating very successful businesses.

Ready? Let's go...


• I felt limited, I felt limited in the amount of money that we could receive based on our education level and where we were, and so it would have been really hard for me to believe this, but I want to let you know that it's absolutely possible... Absolutely. 120% possible to become a money magnet, to start manifesting more money in expected and unexpected ways. (2:43)

• There's multiple ways out there that money can find you. You could get an inheritance, you could get money back from an over-payment that you paid maybe even years ago that you didn't even realize, somebody could give to you the income. There are so many different ways that money could show up in your life, somebody could treat you to a meal, so to say that that's not going to happen. You're blocking your success, because what we speak about, we bring about. (5:45)

• It's coming from a limited mindset of fear, and my job is to overcome that, my job is to raise my level of expectations, to not put a limit on what God or the Universe can do in my life, it's to allow the most blessings and miracles and abundance out there. And you know what? I wouldn't be where I am today without challenging those stories on learning all the limitations that I put on myself. (8:38)

• It doesn't matter if there's one cent or $500 or$5000, I want you to bless that, I want you to bless and give thanks, I want you to bless your money and say a little prayer of gratitude, I bless this and I now see 10 times as some out coming and state that on money. I want you to bless your bills, I want you to give thanks that your bills are paid in full, I want you to start blessing everything that's coming into your life, and I want to do bless things that you desire to pay off, that you desire to manifest okay, that's number one. Number two. I want you to know and believe that it's spiritually okay to receive more money. It's spiritually. Okay to be wealthy. It's spiritually Okay, to be rich. (16:02)


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