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How to Create Heaven On Earth With Lark Allen


Welcome back to The Mindset Chick Podcast. I'm so happy to have you here. Today we have a very special guest, one of my best friends and business besties, we work on our beauty business together. We have grown so close over the years, she is just love and light. She is known as the Happiness Mentor, and she really spreads love, light, joy and happiness everywhere she goes. When you're around her, you fill LOVE. So I'm happy to introduce to you, Lark Allen.

Listen in...


• I'm in my second season, so my first season of Heal Into Happy is all about the different modalities that I've utilized to help me heal into happiness, and then I was contacted by a guy named Martin Rutte, he lives in Canada, and he has things flagged going all over the Internet, when anyone talks about Heaven on Earth. And so some of my first season of Heal Into Happy I talk about that. And so that got flagged for him and he reached out to me. He is a writer of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and just very famous in the world of being on different shows and things like that, he's written a book about Heaven On Earth, and so he likes to become friends with people that are joining what he's doing and hearing about how they're contributing. And if I had ever heard of him... Which I hadn't, and so it was really cool. I actually bought his book about Creating Heaven On Earth, and I asked him to be on my podcast, and he asked me the three questions that are in his book about creating heaven on earth that I asked you. And at the end, he says, What are you going to do to continue this? And I said, Martin, I'm so inspired by you. I'm going to have a whole second season that I bring on all of the people that are nearest to dear to me, that inspire me, and we're going to explore this to just keep co-creating, to keep bringing it into everybody's awareness. (4:11)

• I feel like with Sophia Code and all of the things that I've learned around that, and then just thinking about Jesus and everything Jesus did, I feel like that was his message, that we all are powerful, that we can all heal. He inspiring people by what he was able to do and letting us know that we're no different, and so if we have Christ's consciousness running through us, which I believe that we do, it just makes sense... And I feel God is so excited and blessing me in so many different ways for following this path of making this part of my life's journey, passion, work, project to just do. And it's like all of these things are finding me like Martin, to cheer me on. Like, you're on the right path. (6:38)

• Yes, acknowledging what we already have allows us to receive more, just by being present, I feel like that is such a huge missing puzzle piece with everybody on technology and... Go, go, go, go, go. It's like people wake up in the morning and the alarm clock goes off and then it's just like the day controls them, and so having a presence, to wake up with gratitude and then just being in the moment, spreading the jam on your kids peanut butter and jelly or something, and just being so appreciative that you have that food to provide for them as they go off to school. And I bless Stella's school and have all of the angels come around and stay with her all day, and I mean, I feel like it's a beautiful thing, presence... And really being aware of each now moment is such a gift and something that we do really well together. I feel like that is one of the things that has helped us manifest all of the things that we've desired. (10:28)

• That's so true, because you do have to have your cup filled first before you can give that to anybody else, so... I love that. Well, last week we talked about mirror work, where we talked about that in the mindset Chick Podcast. We talked about doing mirror work and going into the mirror every morning after you brush your teeth, looking at yourself and really finding something you love about yourself and getting in the habit of looking at yourself and saying, I love you, and picking out the beauty within yourself, your outer appearance, your inner world, and instead of criticizing, changing that habit to just send love to yourself. (16:34)

• It's really, really cool to make a decision to spend five minutes and get something that you have a tactile experience with, deciding to peel an orange where it's just you and the orange. And how does it feel to peel it? And what does the peel smell like? And what does the orange smell like? And when you decide to put it in your mouth, just taking one little orange slice and tasting it. I feel like God put us here on this mystery school Earth to have our senses be explored and appreciated. When we're an etheric Angel we don't get to taste the orange. And so really having an experience in the present moment where you're utilizing all of your senses, that's a huge mantra for me. If I'm just discombobulated and I'm doing too many things, deciding to make that cup of tea and have the experience of making it. How does it taste? Enjoying the warmth of it, all of that stuff that you can do that really helps you get totally enveloped in the present moment, where in my opinion, what I found, that's where you feel God. You can't be stuck in your mind in some weird loop and really feel the presence of God, God is in those moments where you're enjoying this magnificent body that he's created to give you all the essential and physical feelings. (22:09)


Lark is a wife, mom and explorer of ways to appreciate life and all the adventures it brings. She thought she would be a nurse forever, but after 10 years of being a labor, delivery and fertility nurse and then a PACU nurse, she became burned out. Overweight and overwhelmed, she decided to become a realtor, hoping to find a little more time at home, but it was just as exhausting and not as fun as she had imagined. During that three-year period, she found out she had fertility issues, once her miracle baby was created she knew that she needed to find a fun way to create a life she loved while being present with her daughter. There were some trials and life lessons along the way, and she is thankful for every moment because all of it led her to this moment in time. She is living proof that it is possible to overcome the most painful heart breaks and deepest betrayals, she is especially looking forward to sharing what she learned over the last year that she wishes she would have known at the beginning of her healing journey. She believes we are all here to help walk one another home, and when one of us finds a path of more ease and flow, it's important to share it with the collective.



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