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Heidi Easley: From Bankruptcy to Creating a Thriving Biz


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast. I am so happy to have you here. I'm really excited because we have a very special guest, her name is Heidi Easley. Heidi is the owner and founder of Texas Art and Soul and Paint Party Headquarters. She teaches thousands of people how to make money teaching Paint Parties in-person, online, and with art kits. She went bankrupt to business owner before the age of 30. This changed the direction of her life forever. Heidi loves sharing God's love through art and is VERY passionate about helping women make money with their creative talents.

Ready? Listen in...


• We were through some kind of crazy times, and so I was an art teacher for about 10 years, and while I was teaching art, it was my second or third year teaching art, and I started painting these surfboards, these little miniature wooden surfers, just to kind of heal because I had lost everything. We had lost our house, I had a toddler. It just really, really, I don't know, just kind of stuck in fear and just scared and overwhelmed and embarrassed. (1:51)

• I heard something the other day, it may have been on a podcast that somebody said it wasn't a set back, it's a set up. And I thought, Man, that's so powerful because for a long time, I wouldn't talk about it, I was very, very embarrassed, very shamed, but my parents are really great people, and the fact that they totally like, we're okay. They always taught us, You can borrow money as long as you pay it back. (6:31)

• We grew up in Texas and then moved to Florida for 10 years and moved back to Texas. And when you start doing something and you start doing it a lot, just naturally... People start asking like, How are you doing that? And so I was teaching paint parties and basically working full-time as a teacher, teaching paint parties on the side, it just kept growing and growing and growing, and so I was really nervous to quit my full-time job. (9:30)

• And I know I connect so much to God when I'm creating, and I think it's really, really important to share that message. That's beautiful, I love that. I mean, you're helping so many people, you're blessing so many people who maybe had this idea and wanted to do this. I just didn't know how to put into action or who didn't even maybe have this idea, but wanted to create a more freedom-based lifestyle or bring in some extra money for their family and you're showing them what's possible and you're alive. (17:11)


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