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Heal Through Love with Lark Allen


Welcome back to The Mindset Chick Podcast. I'm so happy to have you here. On today's episode we're going to continue talking about love and the importance of loving ourselves and appreciating ourselves. I believe that the more love we send out to the world, the more love we get back, and the more love that we can see in the world. To talk more about love and healing, I have invited one of my beautiful best friends, and you guys have heard her name a few times on the podcast, her name is Lark Allen, also known as the happiness mentor. Lark has helped me a lot with things that I've gone through, by giving me some great insight and support about healing through love.

Lark is a nurse, retired into being an entrepreneur. She is married to her favorite doctor, and she enjoys homeschooling her seven-year-old daughter while helping others create the lives they love.

Listen in...


• It wasn't until I started to realize this about loving yourself, and you've even opened my eyes to more of this. So, just turning inward and loving yourself and nurturing that relationship can change not only you, but it can change the relationships around you. (5:08)

• I feel like I've been going on this healing journey, and even more lately, things have come up that I thought maybe I've cleared or I let go, and realizing that there's still some things in my life that I'm working through. And I guess we all are. So, why do you feel like it's so important for people to go through this healing process and really, really work on healing? (7:57)

• I feel like of all of our lifetimes, this is like the Hero's Journey. You and I've been talking about that a lot. Now we're on these epic discoveries, these self-discoveries and exactly what you said, everything that's going on on the outside, the external, we could just pause right now and we could let everybody have this moment like, what's going on in my love relationship? What's going on with my kids? What's going on with a co-worker, and then it all relates back to something that we potentially need to integrate within ourselves. And so, when we do that healing within ourselves and we see it like that, then immediately we see shifts in our external reality. (9:30)

• So, as we focus on the cheerleader within us, and we focus on loving our inner child, and we focus on really... Understanding what our passion is and doing, more and more of that, it's like working out. That mess will get stronger and then the other stuff can just kind of atrophy and fall away. So, that's been a big thing this year for me to really incorporate into my life, and it really is true, that what we focus on expands, and so we really want to focus on the things that bring more love and joy and happiness into our lives. (12:21)

• What I'm really interested in, is during our darkest times that we've had in our childhood, our inner child has had an epic adventure with God, with source, with guardian angels, and so in those points of getting to know that child now, we get to know all of these amazing things that happened, where we were loved and cared for by God. And, more like we were anointed, our feet were being washed, we were cared for, we were loved, and that's true for all of us having this human experience, and so the more that we went through, the more that we've been trained and loved by God. (16:18)


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