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Happiness & Manifesting


Episode 96: Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I am so happy to have you here, I'm your host Kristi Dear. Today we're going to be talking about happiness and manifestation, and how those two go hand in hand. I've heard people say, Instead of talking about happiness, you need to talk about joy, because joy is the basis of happiness. Happiness can come and go, you can be happy and you can be sad, but if you have joy in your heart, then you know even if something comes into your life that you don't really want, then you can still have that joy. But today, I'm going to use the word happiness because really when we're wanting to manifest, when we are wanting our life to look different, to be different, we need to be happy now.

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• Here's the thing, you can talk to your kids about this stuff too. These techniques, these are great tools to teach kids... I mean, gosh, I wish I would have learned a lot of this stuff when I was young. And I'm so grateful and thankful that I learned it when I did and was able to teach my kids the things when I did, so that they can know about the power of thoughts and the mental pictures that we put in our mind and how they talk to themselves and what they think about. And sometimes you can only tell people so much, they have to want to believe it and accept it, everybody's on a different journey and pathway, even our kids. And sometimes our kids are like, Oh yeah, okay, I'll take that to heart. And sometimes we're like, Oh yeah, whatever. But I mean, here's the thing, you're sharing it with them. (05:24)

• When I was getting into the law of attraction, and I was telling my husband Alex about it, and he was like, Oh, okay, whatever. It's a little interesting, so I'm just going to think a thought and then things are going to start showing up in my reality based on what I think about. You think that way, right? But I was determined, I was like, No, I'm determined. I have my book, Katherine's Ponder the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. I was reading it every single day, I was just diving in, I thought it was so fascinating, and I was starting to see things open our lives. And I decided, I was like, Well, I'm going to try this. And I started visualizing Alex's paychecks being different. I started visualizing him getting a raise... He didn't even know it Guys, I didn't even know it. I was visualizing him getting a raise, I was visualizing him getting these big bonuses, I was visualizing him coming home and going, Oh my gosh, I got a promotion and I got a raise. And he had no idea. And it was so cool, Okay? So cool, I would think about it, I would get into that feeling of like what I would do and I would see that money come in and how we would celebrate and what that would do for our family. And multiple times he would come home and say, Kristi, I gotta raise. I don't even know why I got a raise. Oh my gosh, my bonus check, it was this much and you know? it's so cool, those checks were the same amount that I visualized. (07:06)

• If somebody didn't believe in you and they told you it wasn't going to work and your dreams don't matter, or they can't come to fruition. That's really about them, not about you, it's their own personal disbelief in themselves, Okay? So that's all about them. So if you allow that to control you or upset you, which it can upset you, okay? You have valid reasons for being upset, but I guess what I'm saying is, if you allow that to lead you and guide you through your life... To me, I believe you're letting them control you, you're allowing their limiting beliefs about themselves, the world around them, and what's possible to control you, and so you're like, I believe it, I'm going to show you, I believe it, and I'm going to show you! And to me, that energy, you can still have success with that energy, but it's not as flowing downstream, to me it's more going upstream. You think about that energy, I'm going to prove them wrong, I'm going to go out there, I'm going to prove them wrong and prove to all these people that I'm worthy and deserving of it. You don't have to prove anything. You are already worthy. You are deserving. You don't have to prove anything. That's about them, not about you. Don't let it control you. (9:44)

• Step into that feeling now, this has happened, this is where my career is, this is where my business is, this is where my love life is, this is where my body is and I'm feeling so happy about it, and you're stepping into that version of you now, you're seeing it, feeling it believing it, you're seeing it, feeling it, believing it, you're stepping into that version now, you are so freaking happy because it's already happened, it's here, it's manifested, it's already happened, It's here, it's manifested, it's already happened, it's manifested, I'm seeing it, feeling it, believing it, and I'm acting as if it's already happened, already happened. I'm so happy and grateful, I'm so happy and grateful that this is in my life, I'm so happy and grateful that this is in my life, and I have that happiness now. Feel that happiness now, don't wait until you get it to feel happy, then you're always going to be waiting... Wait and waiting. because it's going to be coming, coming, coming. I can't wait for that to happen, I wait for that happen, right? And feel it now, see it, feel it, believe it, experience it now, live out that happy version of you now. (12:32)


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