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Going Deeper Into Why Ho’oponopono Works


Hello and welcome back to The Mindset Chick Podcast. Today, we're going to be following up on Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian technique in releasing negative energy. Maybe there's something that you feel that you failed at. Maybe someone said something to you and you held on to what was said and made it your truth. It could be something that you said to yourself, that YOU made your truth, and it is energetically weighing you down, not allowing you to have the joy, and the life experience you desire.

Ho’oponopono is a technique that helps you to free up space, it allows you to heal, release, and make room for what you really want in life.

Let's get started...


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•   You have a whole furniture set in your living room, but you want to get a new set... Well, most likely, when you do get the new set, you're going to move the old set out to make room for the new set of furniture, right? You wouldn't just keep the old set of furniture in the living room with the new set that you're bringing in, because it would be super cluttered and you wouldn't be able to appreciate the new furniture and the new look and the new design. it's the same with our minds, with our energy, with our emotions, we need to clear out what's not serving us. (1:58)

•   I 've gotten better, but I really, really love going to yoga.  And so, the other day my hubby and I were in class and one of our favorite instructors, Debra, she is amazing, and we're laying there at the beginning of class, and actually, it was right after I recorded the Ho’oponopono, we were laying there in class and she was talking about Ho’oponopono, which was so interesting because I was like, Oh, I was just talking about this on my podcast. But she was talking about what can you purge today, what can you let go in your practice that isn't serving you anymore. (5:41)

•   Something else that I think about a lot is that everything in our reality right now is a manifestation of our past thoughts, behaviors and action steps. Whatever is going on right now, today, is from previous ways of thinking, being, doing all that stuff. So when we have our mindset, unlike creating a new goal and new manifestation, we're doing all the work with the magic five morning mindset, we're doing the work on the vision board and the reminders on our phone, and clearing out the energy that doesn't serve us to make way for new manifestations. (8:26)

•     I ask for a sign from the universe to see a red bird, and I'll share with you that story, but it's that reminder of feeling like the universe is always with me. Because I started seeing red birds. So, I asked the universe, I was on a walk one day and I said, Hey, are you listening? You hear me?I want to see a red bird. And I was looking for red bird, I also needed to stay in that state of like, hey, it's coming, right? It's coming into my thoughts and my energy to receiving that red bird. Within about... I don't remember, I think it was probably about 45 minutes an hour on my walk, no joke, a red bird, just fly by. (1:23)

•    It really takes a lot when you go through something like that, to really say, you know what, I'm going to let it go. I'm going to choose to not allow it to control me anymore. And not to look back and ask the question, why did this happen? But I'm going to release this and I'm going to free up space to live my best life. And maybe turn this around and help other people and support other people who may have gone through the same thing. But she just said that Ho’oponopono is really a gift to ourselves and others, it's just a gift of freedom, freedom from the event, the freedom from all the feelings that aren't serving us. (19:37)


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