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Finding Total Love for Yourself


Welcome back to The Mindset Chick Podcast. I'm so happy to have you here. Today, I want to continue talking about love for the month of February, for the month of love, and really talk about loving ourselves and giving ourselves a lot of self-care. This has been a journey my whole life, and it really got me thinking, Why is it so hard to love ourselves? I did a lot of healing and continue to do the mindset work and healing, but when I was really aware of this journey, this mindset journey, and at first it was just doing affirmations and creating vision boards and wanting to make more money, and then when I was doing that, I started really realizing that a lot of the things that I desire to manifest will come into my life when I healed that relationship with myself.

I invite you to listen in...


• I think about my kiddos in my hubby, my family, my parents, my brother and friends, I have so much love for them, and I don't see all these imperfections like I would see on myself and... No, I don't think that other people probably see the imperfections that I see on myself, it's just so interesting how, you know the relationship that we have with ourselves will create a certain reality for us. (3:32)

• They should have handled it differently. They should have asked me how I was feeling, they should have checked in on me, they should have done this instead of done that, and we start judging how we believe people should show up and how people should treat us, and... You think about it, if we were to take that seem scenario and say, You know what, I'm really going to work on this relationship with myself and loving myself. (5:37)

• I remember going to school, I mean kids, come on, do I need to say any more? The laughs, the jokes I got. And I just remember looking in the mirror and thinking, and then I had gained some weight during that time of growth and everything, and kids would say stuff and make fun of my weight and my hair. (8:20)

• I have some stuff that I need to work through, maybe this is meant to be, to show me that I really gotta work on going back and healing and loving myself and sending a lot of love to myself. Sending a lot of love, going back and healing that child. Going back and maybe, it's not easy, it's easier to just numb the pain and not go back and look at it and just say, Yeah, that was in the past, it's not a big deal, it's not easy going through that, but it's so worth it to heal. It is time in your life to give love to yourself and have a beautiful, strong, loving relationship with yourself, because everything in your world is going to show up differently. (11:21)

• I am a miracle, I'm alive. I'm a miracle. I'm so blessed to be here. I love you just for showing up, I love you just for getting out of bed. You know what, it's not easy, you've been on a journey, you've had to deal with some stuff in your life that isn't all roses and butterflies or wonderful. But you know what? You showed up. You got up, you got dress, you're here. You're still going. (16:25)


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