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Finding Forgiveness Through Ho’oponopono


Welcome back to The Mindset Chick Podcast. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you one of my favorite techniques for really clearing out the mental clutter and releasing negative energy, the negative energy that you may not even know that you have stored up from past events. I show you how to start clearing this, how to release this energy build up, so that you can vibrate at the frequency of what you want to manifest.

You have to clear anything that's weighing you down, clear the clutter, the layers, the build up the negative energy that's vibrating at a lower frequency, that's blocking you, or stopping you from having the success, having the things, that you want in your life. Ready to start clearing up space and start raising your frequency?

Let's get started...


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• You can all get frustrated and feel like everything is coming at you, and so I said a prayer, and I visualized that somehow some way somebody would find the wallet and return it because he had his license in there, and I just prayed about it and I just surrendered. And I said, universe, this is in your hands. I visualized somebody driving up to the house and dropping off the wallet. (3:15)

• It was a whole learning lesson for me again, in that moment, feeling like things are shifting my energy and reminding myself the vibration and energy are so important. And sometimes when we feel like everything is coming at us, we have the power to choose if we're going to respond or react. (5:09)

• Whatever we subscribe to and tell ourselves becomes our reality, and it does affect the way other people treat us and what shows up in our life. (8:18)

• And here's the thing, guys, health-wise, there's been some doctors that have determined that some of the sicknesses that can be in our body can be from emotions. It can be from holding grudges, it can be from emotions that aren't serving, stored emotions, emotions that we haven't gotten out . (11:43)

• You are recognizing and accepting responsibility for the actions, thoughts and emotions that have caused conflict to manifest into your reality. Step two is, you're saying, please forgive me. The words please forgive me are said as a request to make amends with your higher self and the universe. (19:06)


OCTOBER 06, 2020

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