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Dream Boards - See It, Feel It, Manifest It


Welcome back to The Mindset Chick Podcast. I'm so excited to have you here. Today we're going to be talking about vision boards, one of my favorite things. I may say that a lot because all this mindset stuff is my favorite things, but I love vision boards. I'm going to share with you a super cool story about how one of my goals manifested by me putting it on my vision board. Gosh, I've had so many manifest, but it's super fun to watch and dream about and have fun with. But I'm going to share with you a really cool story, why vision boards? Why do we need to have a vision board, or why do they help with your manifestation?

Well, first off, our brains work in pictures, and I was sharing with you before the importance of visualization, closing your eyes, making the picture real and making it bright, seeing what you see, feeling what you feel. So when you're doing that visualization in the day, with your morning mindset, or even throughout the day, you're seeing that picture in your mind and you're reminded of you stepping into that goal and that future self, and you're picking up all the feelings. That's how it's going to allow your goals to manifest.

Ready? Let's get started...


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• When you have a vision board, and our brains work in pictures. When you take a vision board and you put it in front of you, where you see it daily, a vision board is a place where you put pictures of the goals that you wish to manifest, so when you're looking at that over and over and over, it's that constant reminder of this is where I'm going, this is what I'm creating. (1:52)

• How to make a vision board? Basically, just don't over-think it, just make it simple. All you want is to get pictures that remind you of your goals. So, I would just recommend, you don't need a fancy board or anything like that, you're welcome to go get something fancy if you want, but when I started out, and I, still to this day, have made mine with poster board. So, just go to the store, get a poster board, and then you can go grab a bunch of magazines, and a lot of times people put multiple goals that they have on their vision board, but since you're working on manifesting that one goal that I talked about in the beginning, pick that one goal. (5:26)

• Our goal is to get out of debt and just be able to pay cash for things without having to charge stuff. So, being able to spend a few thousand on a trip was just kind of out of the picture for us. But I decided, you know what? I'm just going to put this on my vision board because I knew the power of the vision board. (10:12)

• I really want this to manifest in my life, but it's going to happen this way, it's going to happen that way, and when I make the money or when I do this, or when I do X, Y, Z, then it's gonna happen like that. But just surrender and allow the universe to show up for you, and that can sometimes be a little difficult for all of us, right? That's why when we get into that series on this podcast on releasing control and surrendering and receiving... It's so good. (13:07)

• If you're reacting and responding to a reality that is what you want in your life, then you're going to get back more things to help you manifest what you desire in your life. And I'm going to give you a little bonus, okay? This is something that I discovered, and I've shared this with my team and my clients and my kids... Yes, my kids, they all have a vision board too. This could be a fun family thing, it doesn't have to be just you. If you have children, you have a significant other, friends, you could have a vision board party, you could have your friends over, you could all do that, you could do it as a family thing. (15:01)


SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

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