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Do This Today To Manifest Faster!


Welcome to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I'm your host Kristi Dear. I am so happy to have you here. Today, I want to talk to you about what it really takes to manifest your goals, and not just manifest goals, but manifest them even faster. I'm sure you'll find that when you get into this manifestation habit in practice, that your dreams, your desires, they might start coming faster for you, and that's what I want to talk to you about, how to manifest faster, how to really get in alignment with your goals.

Everything that you desire to manifest, whether it's money, whether it's a bigger house, whether it's a boat, whether it's a vacation, it already exist as energy.

Ready? Let's get started...


• Sometimes we do that so much, we set our vibration at a certain level, we set our energy at a certain level, maybe we want to make more money, we want to have that dream life, we want to have more freedom, we want to manifest a love of our life, but energetically, we're tuned into the wrong channel, and that's why we are not getting back what we desire to manifest, so I want to share with you today how to just up your game. (2:46)

• I AM a money magnet. There is a mantra that I would love for you to say with me, I wrote down the other day, and I just really have stepped into it and just really felt it and believed it. So if you're at a place where you can close your eyes, I'd love for you to close your eyes and say this with me, if not, you just say it with me, and then when you get to a place where you can close your eyes, I'd love for you to just feel into this too, I am a powerful manifesto: I choose to believe that abundance is my birthright, I choose to believe in myself and who I am becoming, I choose to let go of thoughts and emotions that aren't serving me, I choose to expect the best and say yes to all the blessings, money and miracles coming my way. (5:40)

• I've already manifested my freedom-based life, I've already manifested that rank up in my business, I've already manifested all of those clients, customers and business partners. So who would I be now, how would I live my days? How would I wake up? What action steps would I take? You know, if a person was wanting to become healthier and lose weight and be more fit, what would those action steps be that would be waking up in the morning, maybe going to the gym, going on a walk, if someone's wanting to grow their business and you reach more people and have more clients, customers and business partners, how would they spend their days when they wake up? (7:42)

• Give yourself grace. That's okay, you could even say this, something better is coming my way. But the big thing is if you're not receiving what you desire to manifest, it's because you're not in vibrational harmony with it. There's something going on, there's something going on where some kind of belief some kind of vibrational energy block to receiving your desired manifestations, there's something there, there's something going on. So, I want to encourage you to think about what you're speaking about, Are you saying any of those phrases that are blocking your success? Are you doing the magic five every day? Are you doing your tapping? Are you taking the action steps that person that you desire to be would take? (14:51)


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