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Decide, Commit, Allow


Welcome back to The Mindset Chick podcast, I'm so happy to have you here. Today we are talking about making decisions and the importance of deciding and following through. We're going to continue to talk about action, taking action, taking inspired action, and despite of fear that a feeling may be judged or not sure what the outcome will be, but jumping into activity, taking action and creating that habit, the mental habit, the physical habit of showing up, showing up for the desired lifestyle that you want to live, versus showing up for the life you're living now.

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• Being attached to the material world, being attached to things of the world, being attached to this has to show up and you can surrender, and that's really such a freeing wonderful energy to be in, isn't it? Doing your part, co-creating with the universe and allowing the universe to bring you the right people, things to support you with your dreams and goals, and my favorite thing, to say is, this or something better is coming my way. You know, I expect the best and I say yes to all the blessings coming to me today. And when I have my affirmations about my goals, I say at the end, this or something better is coming my way. (2:23)

• I decided to take a chance on manifestation and gratitude, I started journaling my gratitude and affirmations not soon after did customers and positive things start happening. I'm totally hooked. It definitely takes practice to get into the habit of journaling and being in gratitude for everything, the good, the bad, the ugly. (5:17)

• They may not even believe or feel that it's even possible to do what you're doing, and so I've learned really not to live my life by how many likes and comments I get on social media, but just continue to show up, show up and share passionately. You'll show up and sure, passionately about what I'm doing with my business and changing lives and getting customers and business partners, and then also showing up to support people to manifest their goals and dreams. (9:04)

• And that's when people succeed, that's when you see those people and you're like, 'Wow, how did they do that?' And even on the manifestation...that's a practice, guys. That's a practice, it's a practice, it's a practice, it's a practice. It gets easier, easier and easier, and you'll notice that the more you're into manifestation. The more you mentally prepare your mind, the mental habits you'll be able to manifest faster. (12:18)

• Now, you know about manifestation, and you can manifest your dreams, it's just one thought away, just one thought. And then another thought, and then another thought, and another thought, just one thought away, be excited about it. Keep pushing through, even if you feel like it's not working or it's not coming fast enough, that's the time when you probably need to double your mindset work. (17:33)


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