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Create Unshakeable Faith


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I'm your host Kristi Dear. Today we're going to be talking about how to create unshakable faith. It can be easy to have faith and trust and even joy when things are going right, but what about when things aren't going right? What about if you feel like you're in a battle? What about if you're battling something with your job or your health or maybe unexpected bills or things happened? Maybe it's a relationship. What about when you feel like you're working on a goal for a while, maybe you've prayed about it and prayed about it, maybe you're asking for a solution. You've done the action steps, you've done the magic five morning mindset, you're doing the tapping, you feel like you're feeling into it and showing up, but still things aren't manifesting the way you expected. It can be easy to get negative and feel like you're not enough, compare yourself, feel like things aren't going to work out, but maybe just maybe things ARE working out.

Ready to hear more? Let's go...


• And just because I call myself the Mindset Chick and talk about mindset and manifesting doesn't mean that I'm positive, happy, happy, happy all the time. Sometimes things happen to make us feel sad or make us really angry. I think sometimes they do when we're trying to be a better person, we beat up on ourselves for having emotions that aren't positive and happy and joyful all the time, but here's the thing, things can come up to make us feel something different, and being happy when people can say things to us that hurt our feelings. (2:46)

• I heard something that I thought was really interesting, it says, sometimes we pray for God to get us out of a situation, so we're in a situation that maybe we don't necessarily like, and we say God, please get me out of this. Please get me out of this. Please heal me, Please make this right. Please let me get this job. Please let me have more customers, business partners, clients, whatever it is. But what about praying for God to come into the situation instead of praying to get you out? Come into this situation, blessing the situation, pouring God's love over the situation. (6:13)

• If every time we wanted something, we just got it, really, where is the fun in that? You see, sometimes we miss the point, we think, Oh, it'd be fun if we just got everything we wanted, right? But we came down here to experience life and experience the journey, the journey. We sometimes forget about the journey, we just want the destination. We forget about the journey, the journey is where it's at, the journey is where the soul growth is, the journey is when we learn, the journey is how we grow, but it's what we do in that journey, and that process that determines our results, we get upset, we feel like we're not supported, we get angry, we get frustrated, and we start thinking about what's not going right, we start going into the mantra, I'm not enough, I don't have enough. Nothing works out for me, and then we manifest things that we don't want, but it's when we respond with, You know what? Things are working out, God always has my back. (8:26)

• Our job isn't to figure it all out, our job isn't to plan out exactly how our good is going to show up. Our job isn't to plan out exactly what job, what person is going to show up to... Maybe help us bring us success in our business, that customer, that business partner. Our job is to trust, have faith and believe that good things can happen, to believe that the universe always has our back, that abundance is our birth, right? Our job is to have faith that we are always taking care of and supported. It's not always easy when we face a challenge or feel like things aren't working out, but this is the time to up our faith, this is the time to trust more than ever, trust the process and say, No, I will not accept anything less than the best for my family, and I am worthy and deserving of so much abundance, love, joy, and success. I'm going to leave it up to the universe. Now, the universe knows what I desire to have in my life, now I'm going to lean back, have faith and trust, and believe that everything is working out for me. (14:34)


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