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Celebrate Every WIN!


Welcome back to The Mindset Chick podcast. I'm so happy to have you here. Today we're going to be talking about celebrating where you are right now, where you are right now at this very moment. Everything that's manifested already, everything that's come to fruition, everything that you've already been doing, step by step, that have led you to this point in your life, right here. So, I want you to get really excited, put a big smile on your face right now, because today we're going to celebrate you.

You see, so many times when people are manifesting, when they're working on reaching a big goal, they tend to miss out on all the smaller things, the smaller manifestations that are helping them and allowing them to reach the bigger goal, the bigger manifestation.

I want to encourage you to think about all the little things that have happened along the way. Maybe since you've been listening to The Mindset Chick podcast, since you've been doing the magic five morning mindset, all the little things that have been showing up along the way to support you to reach your big goals.

Ready? Let's get started...


• What would you think if you sent somebody a small gift every year on their birthday and they never said thank you? You might get a little offended or upset, right? Like, Okay, I went to this effort, making this card and get you this gift, and even though it's not a lot at something, and it took time and I thought about you and I care about you, and I wanted to send this to you and let you know how much I appreciate you. And I wanted to say happy birthday. It might make you feel a little upset, so think about that with the universe, pkay? Now, I'm not saying the universe is going to get mad at you, or upset, it just mimics like law of attraction and energy, and whatever you put out, you give back. (4:30)

• Thank you so much for always supporting me, thank you for allowing me to save the $5, which in turn allows me to have more money in the bank. Thank you so much for showing me how blessed and supported I am. Thank you for always having my back. Think about if we had that energy towards the $5, right? It's that positive energy that we're putting out, we're basically saying thank you, we're writing that person back, thank you for the gift. (7:04)

• If you started saying, Thank You Universe for always supporting me and showing me how abundant I am. Abundance is always flowing to me, there's so many people around me that are here to support me. I appreciate everyone in my path and everyone appreciates me. What if you took that mindset towards it, what have you had that energy? (9:36)

• I have been shifting my thoughts and shifting my focus and taking every single thing that comes into my life as a blessing and a token of what's to come and it has magically changed the way things show up for me. (13:36)

• There's abundance all around you. Have fun celebrating you today. It doesn't have to be anything big, it could just be being in your favorite spot. Celebrate you, take it all in, appreciate the small things that you've already manifested because that's just going to allow you to manifest the big things. (17:44)


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