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Calling in Your FUN Life Now!


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I'm your host Kristi Dear. Today we're going to be talking about getting into a high vibe feeling of having fun with this very simple, but effective practice. You might have heard me talk about one of my really great friends named Lark Allen, she's one of my besties, one of my business partners, and she's also been on this podcast before. Lark has her own podcast as well, called Heal Into Happy. Lark and I, we love to get together and dream big, mastermind together, talk about manifesting and things that are working and new ideas and techniques. Recently, Lark shared with me something that she learned about when she was journaling, this really cool practice to do that really helps you feel into it even more. And today, I'm going to share that with you.

Ready? Let's go...


• if you've ever tried to manifest something out of, I've gotta get this goal, I've gotta make this money, I've gotta have this happen, and it's a lot of worry, fear doubt, it's not a very fun place to be. You might have some success that way. You might manifest some things that way, but then it just feels exhausting. And you just feel like, Oh my gosh, I don't want to do that again. So this way of manifesting is, is co-creating with the universe, it's allowing the universe to guide you, to support you, it's calling on the universal, the energy of the universe, a loving energy of the universe to lift you up, to support you, to guide you, you're just moving with the universe, you're moving in flow, and as I'm doing that, I'm kind of moving around and dancing because... It's kind of like a dance. Right? You're not getting attached to anything, you're putting your desires out there. (3:38)

• Remember when you hit that goal in your business, remember when you were asked to speak on that large stage? Yes, that is one of my goals. Just so that you know. A little nerve-racking, but I'm also excited about it. Remember when you earn that paid for trip, remember when you pay off that credit card, remember when you close on that home? How could it feel? So what I want you to do is write at the top, remember when. And so then you're going to start remembering, you're going to utilize that part of your mind that's going to start saying, Oh wow, this happened, this is what came up, this is what I was feeling, this was who was around me, this is what I was seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching all those things, this is the experience as I was having. You're going to start utilizing that part of your brain that's going to say, Wow, this is what happened, this is where I am, this is who I am. (5:44)

• You're basically, when you're visualizing, when you're closing your eyes and you're seeing yourself having achieved the goal, and you're getting all your sensories into it, like you're saying, What was I wearing? What was I smelling? What was I hearing? Who is around me? It's pretty much like this because you're remembering and you're activating that part of your brain that's saying, Hey, this is what happened, this is all the things that I did, and then it's becoming more of a reality because you are creating that. Believe you're creating that belief that this is what happened, this is how I remember it, This was who I was around me. These are the things that I was doing during that time. And that's how you're going to connect on that vibration, that higher vibration, the higher vibration of love, joy, abundance frequency that you wanna be on to allow your goals to manifest. (8:49)

• And let me tell you something else. Okay, this is really important to you if you're wanting to grow business and attract business partners and customers, because I know a lot of you listening have your own business. The more fun you have, the more higher vibe. Excited. I'm all excited. Yeah, you want to be excited about your business and your products. You don't have to be like, Oh, so what's going on? And positive, positive, high vibe all the time, that's not what I'm saying, but the more fun you're having, the more, I guess a joy, the happier you are, the more you're going to attract those types of people to you. That's just how it is. What you put out, you get back. (11:27)


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