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Bring More JOY Into Your Life Now


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I'm your host Kristi Dear. Today, I want to talk about how to find joy in your every day life, how to focus on more joy, how to have more fun, how to just feel better. I'm going share with you some things that I have done and continue to do to draw in more of the goodness of the universe, because I believe that there is still a lot of good out in the world, we just have to tap into it, we have to focus on it, and amazing miracles can happen.

Ready? listen in...


• You have to start having more fun now, and when you can see the fun and the joy in your daily life that is going to allow you to manifest your goals faster. A lot of times people try to manifest their goals from a place of frustration and place of disappointment, a place of... I don't like what I'm doing, I want to get out of this. So they're kind of manifesting out of a place of, Oh, this has to happen, my job that I'm in is so crappy, the life that I'm in is so crappy, that partner that I'm with is so crappy, whatever it is, and so you're not in the energy to receive the miracles and blessings that you desire, or that perfect opportunity or that perfect relationship. (4:13)

• That's what we do well, then you're staying in that vibration, you're staying in that vibration of defeat of lack, not enough, not fun. Not joy, right? And so I want to challenge you to step out of that, if you are stepping into that. You know that saying... If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all? Well, it's kind of true. Just think about it, is this comment really necessary or is this conversation that I'm about to engage in going to really give me a high five day, is it going to make me feel warm and fuzzy? (5:53)

• Here's the thing, our brain seeks pleasure and avoids pain. That is how we're wired, so if we are associating our business, our work, our work-out with pain, with problems, with frustration, I'm not going to really be motivated to do it, makes sense, right? Oh, working out is so horrible, I hate it so much. I hate running, I hate showing up. All those things, and then you're like, Oh, when I really need to go. You're not going to be motivated. I mean, not at all. If you're sharing to yourself or maybe with somebody else, man, I can't stand my job, I can't send my co-workers, I can't stand driving to work, it's so awful. You're taking out the fun, you're taking out the enjoyment. Well, of course, you're not going to be motivated, that doesn't sound very fun, right? So you've got to look for ways that you can have fun in what you're already doing, so that you can manifest more blessings, abundance, income, prosperity, love, joy, all that stuff into your life. (8:19)

• I want to encourage you, think about that, how can you have more fun in your everyday life? How can you do things with more fun, how can you turn things maybe into a game, how could you find joy in what you're doing right now? And know that that is going to allow you to not only feel better, you don't have to wait until your goals manifest to feel better, you can start feeling better today, it's a choice, it's all a choice. How could you have more fun and more joy in your life today? And then once you start tapping into that energy, you're going to start noticing that you're tapping into your good. I say you're good, because really, when you receive more good, that good is available to you any time you want it, you have to tap into it, you gotta get on the good vibration train, you gotta get on the joy frequency, you gotta tap into it. You got to get in that mindset now, and that's what's going to allow more blessings, abundance. You're going to start seeing more good come to you. (14:02)


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