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Body Positivity and Self Care With Deepal Patel


Welcome back to The Mindset Chick Podcast. I'm so happy to have you here with me today. In this episode, I'm so excited to be interviewing one of my friends Deepal Patel. Deepal and I are going to talk all about body positivity, how the scale doesn't define you, how to fall in love with your body (even the imperfections) and how exercise helped us both during postpartum depression.

Learn how even just a little bit of movement everyday can change your mental state, help you to feel better, and support you to manifest even faster!

Ready? Let's get started...

Deepal Patel is a mother, daughter, sister, friend, wife & entrepreneur! She owns Burn Boot Camp Prosper in Prosper, Texas. She was introduced to Burn Boot Camp about a year & half ago. Fast forward a year & half she is opening Burn Boot Camp alongside with her hubby (Moe Pate). Burn has completely changed Deepal's life & is still changing it every day! She is looking forward to changing many lives in Prosper!

Deepal and her hubby have been together for 12 years & married for 9. They have two crazy boys & a furr baby together. They love traveling. They've always wanted to be Entrepreneurs but couldn't find the right thing for them. When introduced to Burn, they knew this is exactly what they wanted in their lives.

Let's get started...


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• (3:43) I didn't have any weight issues, but I just was never mentally strong, but burn changed my mental game. And this goes back to postpartum depression that you and I talked about, or just in general, half of your battle is in your mind, and that's what it changed for me when I met burn the community, a support system that I went through, just women encouraging it is so huge. I was at a gym where it felt like I wasn't being judged by another woman, instead I was being encouraged by every single women who was working out. They were moms, they have pretty much the same story. That was one of the reasons I fell in love. The mission and statement for Burn is to ignite global health transformation, it's empowering women by maximizing our quality of lives.

• (7:53) Yeah, and again, going back to the kind of things that I absolutely loved. It changes you mentally, emotionally, physically. At Burn, we don't talk about being skinny, we talked about getting stronger. That's what we want. Physically and mentally stronger is what we get.

• (12:35) It lasted a while, and I just needed an escape, because it was getting to a point where I felt like everything that I had was in jeopardy, if that's the right word. If everything was on the line and I had to make a decision whether, do you want to continue with your life the way you are and lose everything that you have, or do you really want to keep everything that you have? Life is not as bad as you're making it Deepal.

• (14:58) I made that mind change, I made that shift where we are. I don't have plans on going back to that, this is a lifestyle change that I have decided to make. My kids watch me every day, my family watches me every day, my friends watch me every day, and these are examples that I hope one day, especially for my kids, that I can teach them to live a healthy lifestyle. And I told this to all of my members, transformation is not always about losing weight, that's not what transformation is, we say this at Burn all the time. The scale is not everything. We don't love the scale, there's different ways to measure your success.


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