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Become a Master Receiver


Welcome back to The Mindset Chick Podcast. I'm so happy to have you here. This month, we're going to be talking all about receiving, really how to receive your good, how to get an alignment with that, how to really, really feel like your manifestations are possible, what you desire to manifest is possible to manifest, and that there is an art to receiving. There really is an art to receiving and allowing you're good to show up. It's allowing great things to happen. Sometimes we may not realize it, not consciously, but we may be blocking our good by things that we say to ourselves and others.

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• Do you want to be a master receiver? Being a master receiver is really just allowing the unlimited abundance and blessings of miracles into your life. So how you do that? You just stay in that alignment with your goals, with your dreams, continue to believe, continue to have faith, have faith in yourself, have faith in the universe, have faith that everything you desire to manifest is possible. And the cool thing is, everything that you desire to manifest is already here, it's already exists in energy. (2:45)

• So doing that work that I've shared with you, doing the magic five every day, doing the tapping, doing the visualization, and then you feeling into my goals on a daily basis. I wake up with gratitude and seeing myself as that person who's already reached their goals. (5:28)

• I really had to release that need for what the this is, to be clean this way and organize this way, it just allowed him to help and allowed him to do it his way. That's a big deal. For real. What is the big deal? Sometimes we get, I think, sometimes stress out about that, so allowing people to help, allowing people to show up, because you never know who the universe is going to bring you. (8:28)

• Setting my goal, setting my intention, time blocking, time to work on my business, work on, obviously, me. My self-development. I might tap in time for my family, and then I'm just having fun with life, I'm having fun during the day, I'm believing that the universe is going to bring me what I desire or what I need to manifest my results to manifest to manifest my desires. And I'm in a more fun, playful energy, and I'm telling you, every time I'm in this energy, things work out so much better for me than when I'm trying to control the situation. (14:32)


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