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Become a Magnet to Your Goals


Welcome back to The Mindset Chick Podcast. Last episode we talked about getting clear on what you wanting to manifest in your life, and by doing that, really thinking about the things in your life that maybe you don't want, and those things can allow you to get clear on the things that you do want.

So, in this episode, I am going to talk with you about how to start allowing those things to be drawn into your life, how to really start attracting the things that you do want, and weeding out the things that you don't want in your life.

I'm going to share with you a really, really cool technique today, I'm so excited to share it with you. I've shared this with several of my clients, friends, people on my team, I've used it myself, and it's amazing how this simple technique can start really shifting things and allowing more opportunities to come your way. Bringing more synchronicity and more blessings, and you may just be surprised at how simple, this technique is... It's so cool.

Are you ready to learn more? Let's get started...


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• Our brains actually weed out things that aren't important to us to allow us to focus on the things that are important to us. This actually works as a filter for you. And with the reticular activating system, we can call RAS. It just presents information that's important to you. So what you're focusing on, what you're thinking about, what you're replaying in your mind. So, when you say things like, I'm not really good at making friends, or I'm not really good at making money, or I'm not very good at doing speeches, or whatever that story is that you're telling yourself, your RAS will basically say, 'Oh, she's not good at making friends, she's not good at making speeches, she's not good at making money, so we're going to present more things in your life that are going to show you that that's possible. (1:54)

• We're going to show you things in your life to prove that to you. So, if you want a different outcome, then that's why it's so important to know what you do want and start focusing on it. Start thinking about it, start believing it, start seeing it, okay? And we're going to get into even more ways to allow this, these things that you desire to manifest. But, the first step is this really cool technique, so instead of the RAS showing you more things to prove that your old story, or the story that isn't serving you is true, right? Because what we're doing here is working on manifesting more things that we do want in our life. (3:44)

• What I like to do is go into my calendar, and you could pick whatever time of day you want, I have several different reminders all day long on my phone, but let's pick one right now to focus on for you. That one thing that you really want to manifest. And so, let's just say every day at noon, okay? So, what you're going to do is, you're going to put it into your calendar, an appointment, like a meeting. And you're going to say, 'Congratulations on earning X, Y, Z! Congratulations on a making this much money this month.' (5:55)

• I was working on a really big goal in my business, and I decided to do this technique because I knew the more that I flooded my mind with what I did want, and sort of focusing on that and feeling it come to life, and feeling how excited I would feel when that would come to life. I put it in my phone, and like I said, I have several reminders on my phone. But I put this in my phone for a certain time a day, and it seemed... Guys, it seemed impossible. It seemed impossible. It seemed impossible, okay? But I knew the power of manifestation and the law of attraction, and I knew that it was really about me feeling really, really, really good about what I did want. And so I put that in my phone, and I would look at it every single day when it popped up. And I would close my eyes and say a prayer of gratitude. (8:17)

• This stuff is very powerful, and it really, really works. And you could set the stage for their entire life to really believe in themselves, and who doesn't want to see more positive reminders throughout the day? Because there could be so much information coming our way to maybe remind us, or to make us think that we're not good enough, or we're not doing a good enough job. And there's a lot of things out there to maybe keep us in comparison, and feeling like, 'Man, if I was just prettier or more handsome or smarter or more fit, I could have X, Y, Z.' But just reminding ourselves, and even our kids, that what you are doing is enough, you are enough. (13:55)


SEPTEMBER 02, 2020

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