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Are You Asking Big Enough?


Episode 92: Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast, I am so happy to have you here, I'm your host Kristi Dear. Today I want to talk about, are you asking big enough? You know, are your dreams big enough? Are you asking just to get by, or are you dreaming just to get by? To maybe stay in the norm, to stay amongst your friends, family, to stay in the crowd? Because maybe you feel like you might outshine somebody, you might have more blessings, more miracles happen to you or your family that maybe would draw too much attention. You would feel out of place, you wouldn't feel like everybody else. So, are you really asking your worth? Are you putting limits on yourself about what's possible for you based on what your perceived story about yourself? Because really that's what it is, it's a story, and we can choose any time to step into a new empowering story, or we can stay in a story that doesn't serve us. Or, we can go to a story that's just a little bit more than what we have.

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• Are you asking big enough? Are you dreaming big enough? Are you asking big enough with maybe the thoughts in the back of your mind that might not be possible right? Those things may not be able to manifest? Or, are you asking, dreaming, believing that good things can happen because you are a miracle, abundance is your birth right? You live in a rich, beautiful, lavish universe with lots of abundance, and you know what? When somebody else wins, you win, it's not when somebody else wins, I lose, it's a universe of there's enough abundance to go around for all of us. It's unlimited. God is a God of love, He's a God of blessings and unlimited abundance and joy, and so when we tune into that energy vibration, it's unlimited the amount of goodness that we can receive in our lives. (04:45)

• Mr. Miller once said that the great fault of most of us is that we do not ask big enough, and we do not continue in prayer until it comes. He also advised, expect great things of God and great things you will have... That's really powerful. Expect great things of God and great things you will have. He once told a friend, I have praised God many times when he sent me 10 cents, and I have praised Him when He sent me 60,000. Slowly his answers to his prayers for prosperity, $7 ,500,000 was given to him for the building and maintenance of his orphanages. Wow, that's huge. The story has often been related of how Charles Fillmore, the co-founder of the Unity school, one time a payment was overdue on the printing presses and the sheriff came to repossess the machines. But when Mr. Fillmore confidently declared, I have a rich father who was going to take care of this, the sheriff believed him and literally replied, Well, in that case, we will give you a little bit more time. So Mr. Fillmore then continued to pray for prosperity, and the money came in. (09:24)

• I'm up-leveling my energy frequency, getting in harmony with the energy of my goal. So, you've already reached your goal, was that version of you asking big enough? Were you bringing your shoulders back, holding your head up high, believing and feeling into it, believing that you're deserving of it, believing that you are a child of a rich father, believing that you have a rich father? That you live in a rich universe that will take care of things for you? That God always has your back. That blessings and abundance is your birth right. (18:50)

• Are you in harmony with that frequency of your goal, or are you out of harmony trying to reach it? So asking big enough, it's also up-leveling your mindset, loving that frequency to match that of your goal or even something bigger. Because a lot of times there's a lot bigger things waiting for us, but we never reach it because we never believe... We never asked for it, we never have faith that it could come to us. We play small. We listen to what the world tells us. We listen to what other people tell us. We're not listening to what God tells us. It's like Napoleon Hill, said in Think and Grow Rich; When blessings start to flow, sometimes they come so fast that you wonder where they've been hiding all these years. Are you allowing your riches to flow, or are you allowing your blessings to flow? Are you asking big enough? (19:22)


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