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Anne Fisher: From Bankruptcy to Financial Freedom

Updated: Jun 21, 2021


Welcome back to the Mindset Chick Podcast. Today we have a very special guest, somebody who I just adore, she is one of my mentors, she's such a light, and I love her podcast Unapologetically Anne. I'm so excited to have her on here with us today sharing her wisdom and her nugget and about her incredible, inspiring success story. After years of being self-employed, Anne Fisher and her family faced a harsh bankruptcy that left them with no retirement, no backup plan, and no light at the end of the tunnel with a family to feed, as well as a special needs daughter. Anne prayed for an opportunity that would change it all, that's when network marketing appeared and Ann went all in. Just a few short weeks later, Anne and her team were shattering industry records and developing key strategies to bringing network marketing to the masses. She is now working her way to becoming an eight finger earner.

Let's get started...


• I've always been a home-based entrepreneur, I'm married right out of high school, and just started a family, so I didn't pursue a college education, and really I was just all about building my family, building our home, best thing for all of that. And one of my business ventures that I had actually kind of ended abruptly, we were selling the business and the people that bought it just ended up being kind of a bad deal. (2:17)

• I was rock bottom, like my life was rock bottom, you can imagine how I felt about myself, my self-esteem, everything was just gone. That'll make you do a lot of soul searching. And I just was praying, I'm a praying girl, and I prayed so hard that God would help me for something that I could do that wouldn't take a huge investment, wouldn't have to have a bunch of inventory. (4:01)

• You don't have to have a special skill set. Anybody can start and learn, and there's so much out there for people. But it doesn't discriminate, come one come all, and all that's required is the hustle. You gotta partner with the right company, that's important when you're choosing the right company. There's a lot of things that I was looking for, and it was family-owned and operated company, somebody that was financially sound that I can trust. (7:53)

• Because of this incredible industry and the possibilities, we were able to build our dream home on an acreage fully paid for and be debt-free. And that's the thing, you get to enjoy financial freedom that way. And I hate it when people say debt-free, because life costs you and it costs to live, but we don't have raging credit card bills anymore, we don't have massive loans against a vehicle that we really can't afford, and we don't have a 30-year mortgage on our home. (10:02)

• My people that jump into the business with me, and it's the three Cs and it's the most important advice you can take, if you really pay attention to what each one means, and you really focus on implementing it, and that is commitment. Number one, this takes commitment. (16:30)


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